The Mental Impact of Injury: How to Adjust and Manage While Physically Recovering

Recovering from injury or surgery? Oftentimes, we focus on the physical pain and underestimate the emotional and psychological effects of injury, which can be just as hard to manage. Here are four tips on how to manage the mental impact of injury.

A week after my surgery, I went to see my doctor. He took the stitches out, checked the swelling and told me everything was okay. Of course, all I wanted to know was when I could start doing things.

“Well, you should be doing some passive movement exercises. Lie down.”

I hopped up on the examining table. My left arm (bad arm) was pinned by the side of my body and forearm laid across my belly.

“Grab your left wrist with your right hand and bring your left arm up and over your head,” my doctor said.

“NO! Are you kidding me??”

“Just try.”

I raised my arm one to two inches off my belly. My doctor helped me lift my arm higher but I swear, I wanted to jump right off that table. Not only did my left arm feel like dead weight after sitting in a sling for a week, everything in my shoulder felt like it was knotted up like a tight ball of rubber bands that were about to snap.

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About That Shoulder Surgery…

What to expect after shoulder surgery

It feels like an awful case of deja vu. Early morning subway ride to Manhattan. Outpatient surgery center check-in. Mountains of paperwork with the same nurse who did my in-take for knee surgery three years ago. A battery of questions about my allergies. The lavender hospital gown, paper-thin pants and fuzzy socks. Waiting for my […]

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The Best Workout for Everybody + a Beginner Swim Workout

beginners swim workout

Do you swim? It’s one of my favorite ways to workout so I’m so excited to have Angela from Happy Fit Mama here today to talk to you all about swimming and to give you a great beginner swim workout. **************************** When most people think of a sweat producing, calorie torching, and lean body sculpting workout they […]

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