High Five Friday: Appearances, Appearances, Appearances

Two things that I realized yesterday – Halloween is next Friday and the New York City Marathon is next weekend. I mean, you’d think that I would realize this since I look at my calendar about 20 times a day, but I didn’t.

I’m so excited for the NYC Marathon. My family loves spectating. I think that my kids are amused by the fact that they can watch the elite runners on TV and then a little while later watch them run down the street in person. I know, the magic of TV.

But I know so many people running this year and can’t wait to cheer them on! Last year, I had just started yoga teacher training so had to miss it.

If you’re running, let me know in the comments so that I can be sure to look out for you!

high five friday

Favorite Photos {PS I share more photos on Instagram. Are you following me? Please do!}

  • Camel Pose. The High Line is one of my favorite places in New York City. It’s an elevated train track that has been converted to a public park. We love visiting…except on a weekend. It was jam-packed. Like bumper to bumper people. But I managed to find a little open space for a quick backbend.
  • Running Errands. In an effort to make my Monday morning more productive, I literally ran my errands. OK, I kind of had to run my errands because our car was towed and I had to pick it up from the pound. Long story. I figured that I might as well run there. I ended up looping around downtown Brooklyn and running along the Brooklyn waterfront to get a glimpse of my favorite view in the city.
  • UnderArmour Women. On Wednesday, I had the chance to get a quick workout in with UnderArmour and get a sneak peek of their spring/summer 2015 line. Yes, it’s not even winter yet and brands are doing spring/summer previews. Over the past year or two, UnderAmour’s designers have really transformed the look of the women’s line. I love all the prints they are using.
  • Halloween. Are you ready for Halloween? Are you dressing up or are you kids dressing up? We still ned to finish off Jasper costume (yikes!). Totally behind on that one. PS You can put your pumpkin to use with my fun pumpkin workout!
  • Hill Repeats in the Rain. I don’t know who I have become, but I willing did a hill repeat workout yesterday morning in the rain, about 7.5 miles total. I actually really enjoyed it. The running in the rain part, not the hill repeats so much. But I admit to feeling a little badass. haha.

Favorite Reads Lately

  • The Not So Curious Case of Renee Zellweger: There’s been a lot of talk these last few days about Renee Zellweger after she made an appearance at the Elle Women in Hollywood awards on Monday – talk about her appearance and did she or didn’t she have “work done.” So.Much.Commentary. But I love Jenni’s response. “The whole ordeal hasn’t said as much to me about Renee Zellweger as it has about us.”
  • Safety in Numbers. One of the truly distinct pleasures of being a female runner is the catcall. Have you experienced it? I mean, what is the reaction that these men are hoping to elicit? You try to ignore it, which is hard since that seems to egg on some men. At the same time, I hate feeling like I can’t defend myself for fear of retaliation. Amanda also wrote about this yesterday.
  • Dear Fit Fam: The author of this post has a simple request for the Fit Fam: “Please stop broadcasting your diet and workout plans relentlessly.”  I get it and I’m totally guilty of broadcasting my workouts. But it’s a curious phenomenon, isn’t it? How and when did this happen?
  • THAT Pose: What Our Least Favorite Yoga Pose Teaches Us: First, I love the fact that Tina is back blogging. Second, I especially love that Tina is sharing her love and knowledge of yoga. She completed her yoga teacher training in this past year and I feel a kinship with her as we both make our way as yoga teachers. And while we may be tempted to not do those yoga poses that we find difficult, there’s a good reason why we should practice them.
  • F-Bombs for Feminism: Warning. This video contains some explicit language. But, it’s used for good effect and to make a good point. Have you seen this?



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