Friday Round-Up: Happy 4th of July!

I made it!! It’s July 3rd and I’ve officially met about a bajillion deadlines this week. Plus jumping in to teach some last minute yoga classes. My brain is a little fried to say the least.

The last two weeks or so have been hard physically. Just as I was ready to graduate from physical therapy, my Achilles has started to act up. I thought it was just my forever tight calves and weak ankles. But I asked my physical therapist to look at it and his immediate reaction? Not too encouraging.

See, it’s kind of inflamed and there’s a bit of a bump on my tendon which may mean Achilles tendonitis or strain. And while it seems to be responding to treatment, it’s frustrating especially considering I’ve made an effort to make a super slow return to running. I mean, how it is possible to develop Achilles tendonitis when I run 6-8 miles a week?!

Frustrating to say the least. I’m starting to wonder if I will ever be healthy again??

With that, I’m very very ready for the holiday weekend. To do nothing except read my book – All The Light We Cannot See. Have you read it? It’s set during World War and it’s beautifully written.

friday round-up

Favorite Photos: Well, at least I can make my Instagram feed (but be sure to check my behind the scenes here!)

{PS I share more photos on Instagram. Are you following me? Please do!}

  • Hello Manhattan.
  • Group Savasana. I told my kids they could choose the yoga pose if they would take a picture for me. They choose savasana…with all their stuffies. It was really hard not to laugh.
  • Morning pigeon pose. This is exactly what I needed after this week. A pigeon pose to work out all the gunk and stress.
  • Reverse Warrior variation.
  • Channeling my inner ninja. 

Favorite Reads: Some of the best things that I’ve read this week are these beautiful pieces of writing. Hope you like them too!

  • I’m Tired Of All The Noise On The Internet from A Mothership Down: Ohmygoodness me too. There’s so much noise. It’s so loud. There’s so much vying for attention. This piece sums it up so well.

  • Curing My Blindness By Turning Off My Smartphone from Nicole C. Kear for Huffington Post: I admit, I originally clicked on this article because I swear my eyesight is getting worse thanks to the hours I spend on the computer and on my phone. But Nicole really is losing her eyesight (she wrote a great memoir about it) and I love her insight here.

  • The Cure For The Body Image Blues from Laura Vanderkam: I have to say, I love this cure.

  • This Is 40 from The Players’ Tribune: With the U.S. back in the World Cup final, the women’s soccer team is all over the news. This is a great commentary from Christie Rampone, the captain of the U.S. women’s team, about women and age and sports.

Happy Weekend! And Happy 4th of July!


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