2014 Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet aka FitBlogNYC

Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet 2014 from Love, Life, Surf

Fitness Magazine’s Meet & Tweet Event aka FitBlogNYC is probably one of my favorite events of the year. They held their first event in 2012 and I’ve been lucky enough to attend each year.

Yes, FitBlogNYC is a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends in health and fitness from some of the best in the industry and, of course, Fitness Magazine editors.

But what I really love? Getting to hang out with fellow bloggers in real life.

Blogging is a funny thing. You read other people’s blogs and follow them on social media. You have conversations and develop friendships, but it’s likely that you live in different parts of the country and/or the world.

When you actually meet in person, it a) feels like your a stalker because you know so much about their life, even though you’ve never met in person; and b) feels like you’ve been friends forever, even though you’ve never met in person.

It’s bizarre, I know. I’ve tried to explain it to my husband, family and real-life friends. But the thing is? Many of my blogging friends have become real-life friends.

P.S. I didn’t take nearly enough pictures.

2014 Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet and Tweet via Love, Life, Surf

From top left clockwise: 1) Erica Sara of Erica Sara Designs, 2) Michele from NYC Running Mama, 3) Carly from Fine Fit Day and Allie from Vita Train for Life, and 4) Amber from Exsoycise.

This year’s FitBlogNYC event was full of great information. Here are some highlights from the panels:

The New Formula for Fitness Success with Holly Rilinger 
I have wanted to take a class with Holly forever. She doesn’t seem like your typical fitness professional and has this infectious spirit. She used to play pro basketball and she’s only 5’4″ so you know that she’s pretty competitive and determined at working towards her goals.

  • It’s not just about the calories that you burn but about how you feel when you workout and that will determine your success.
  • It’s important to move. There’s a joy factor. It’s a platform to live a better and happier life.
  • It’s always better to come out of the gate a little slower (with your workouts). You can always add more weight or time as you progress.
  • Busy lives – condensed workouts. Workout smarter, not longer.
  • Diet and sleep are two of the main issues as to why people can’t reach their fitness goals. Be real with yourself!
  • “I’m 5’4″. I would never have played professional basketball without consistently. Consistency is key.”

Dr. Marci Goolsby - FitBlogNYC 2014

Dr. Marci A. Goolsby

CrossFit, Mud Runs, Marathons! Hot to Stay Health in a Hard-Core World with Dr. Marci A. Goolsby
Dr. Goolsby is an Assistant Attending Physician at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in theWomen’s Sports Medicine Center.

  • Your entire body is negatively affected by not eating enough to fuel your training. For starters: bone density and fertility.
  • There’s a myth that because you’re an athlete, it’s normal to not have a period. It’s not true. It puts you at risk for stress fracture and osteoporosis.
  • If you’re fatigued and your period is starting to go away, it’s a good idea to see your doctor.
  • Signs of overtraining: Performance drop-off, fatigue, heart rate increases, not sleeping well, and perceived exertion during exercise goes up.
  • Top three mistakes runners make: 1) too much, too fast, 2) lack of strength training, and 3) not watching your diet.
  • Know the difference between good and bad pain when running. If it alters your gait, you shouldn’t run through it.
  • Runners trots – it happens. It’s all about what and when you eat. And if it happens, use a bathroom/portapotty. Don’t go on the course!

Carla Hall at 2014 FitBlogNYC from Love, Life, Surf

Eat Healthier, Live Happier: Game-Changing Cooking Secrets with Carla Hall
I admit, I have only watched a few episodes of The Chew, mainly because I love Clinton Kelly and because I was sick a week ago and lying on my couch all day. So it was fun to hear Carla speak in person. She is an incredible sweet person and her authenticity shines through.

  • Advice on pursuing your passion: “Don’t quit your job. I wasn’t making money in food. I loved it. Find ways to pursue your passion.”
  • She is working on opening her own restaurant and she believes that it’s her responsibility as a chef to have a place where people can eat healthy while staying true to their traditions and culture.
  • Don’t remove all the fat from your recipes to try to lighten them up. Fat gives food flavor and keeps you satiated longer. Removing it will make the meal less satisfying, so you’ll be likely to eat more and enjoy it less.
  • Great Thanksgiving side idea? Savory tart tatin. Instead of using apples for a filly, you can use sweet potato or butternut squash. I can’t wait to try this!
2014 FitblogNYC Branding panel from Love, Life, Surf

From left to right: Laura Kasperzak, Anne Mauney, Bianca Jade, and Fitness Digital Director Amanda Wolfe

Panel Discussion: My Digital Brand is My Business with Bianca Jade (@Mizzfit_Bianca), Anne Mauney, RD (@fANNEtasticfood) and Laura Kasperzak (@laurasykora)
Every year, FitBlogNYC’s “blog as business” panel is by far my favorite because(obviously) it’s the most relevant to me. But it’s so inspiring to see people pursue their passion and be successful.

  • “Just be yourself. That’s what people like. That’s what people follow. That’s what inspires people.” – Laura
  • You can’t embark on a career that you’re not passionate about and love. I want more women to identify what their passion is and acting on it. That’s something that I don’t see enough women do that. – Bianca
  • “How did I get to 1 million followers on Instagram? Luck.” – Laura
  • First find a voice. Emulate and then deviate. Learn from how people are doing things. Emulate and take little pieces from what others are doing and make it your own. When you become comfortable, then deviate. Find a gap. Help others not just yourself. – Bianca
  • I always think, “Does this benefit my readers and enhance their lifestyles?” Readers want genuine content – Bianca
  • Don’t be scared to just start and do it. It’s easy to get wrap up in worrying. Part of it is jumping in and refining things as you go. Being ok with evolving your blog as you evolve. Readers can tell when you’re having fun or not. – Anne

Laura Sykora at FitBlogNYC from Love, Life, Surf

I might have been just a little bit excited to meet Laura in person.

Thanks to Fitness Magazine for hosting FitBlogNYC. It’s such an amazing event and brings us all together. I admit that I’ve been looking for a little inspiration with regard to my writing and my career. The last panel was a kick in the pants that I needed to remind me to keep going and to keep doing what I love.

Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet 2014 Swag Bag via Love, Life, Surf

Thanks to all the amazing sponsors of FitBlogNYC: Balance Bar, Dermalogica, Eddie Bauer, Hoka One One, Luna, Oster Versa, Pure Protein, Tonalin and Tria.

Thank you to all the incredible brands who showered us with goodies in this amazing swag bag – too many to name! So many thing I can’t wait to try out! It Includes this great discount from one of my favorite people.

Erica Sara Designs Discount: Get 15% off with code: FIT15

Have you met your blogging friends or been to a blogging event? 


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