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pvbody review


I recently received an update from pv.body that they will be starting their own line of activewear called Ellie. Ellie will be offered on a subscription basis like pv.body. Starting February 1, 2013, current pv.body subscribers will receive Ellie items in their subscription boxes.

The review that I wrote below on December 18, 2012 accurately reflects my experience with pv.body at the time and I support the idea that pv.body was originally founded on. I have not had the opportunity to see or review Ellie items yet but wanted to make sure that those of you considering pv.body were alerted that the business model has changed. I have also learned that some customers have not had great experiences with pv.body, mainly customer service and fulfillment issues. In addition, revealed some other major business issues (read the comments).

Until I have had a chance to experience the new line of clothing, I cannot provide an accurate assessment of the company and its services. I will always provide my honest opinion whenever I review any product or service on this blog and I’m extremely picky about companies that I work with. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this or any other review on this site.


I have a lot of workout clothes. They’ve become part of my everyday wardrobe, and I don’t mean just when I’m working out. I tried to address this slight addiction by seeking professional help from Stacy London protégées at Style for Hire.

But I keep coming back to the workout clothes.

I think in part it is because workout clothes act as my armor – my superhero cape if you will. I feel confident and strong when I put on a fitted tank, leggings and bright colored sneakers, and I’m not afraid to show my strength.

The only problem is that my workout clothes addiction can be expensive. That’s why I was so excited to meet some of the great folks at Fitbloggin who are trying to get quality workout apparel our hands for a fair price.

When you sign up with pv.body, you take a style quiz based on your style preferences and workout activities. pv.body then puts together a customized package for you each month consisting of one workout top and one workout bottom all for $49.95 a month (or $39.96 for your first month with my discount)

Who doesn’t love receiving mail and getting new clothes! Want to see what I got?


  • Opportunity to branch out and try new styles and new-to-me brands that I might otherwise overlook in the stores.
  • No commitment. Cancel or pause your subscription at any time, even after only one month.
  • Easy exchanges. In my package, I received a top that didn’t fit me very well. I contacted pv.body and they sent me two new tops to choose from!
  • Good value. When premium leggings and tops can easily run over $50, this is a great value.

pvbody top


  • Right now, pv.body only carries sizes XS – L. They are working with manufacturers to carry larger sizes.
  • pv.body is currently only available in the U.S.


Use this link to get 20% off your first month with pv.body!

Do you have a workout clothes problem like me? If you try pv.body, I’d love to hear what you received! Send me pictures! 



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{Disclosure: I received one outfit from pv.body to review and all opinions are my own. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links where I earn a small commission for purchases made.}




  1. says

    EVERYONE has been talking about PV lately, it’s crazy!!!! I sorta have looked at their site but while I am a work out clothing wh**e… I am most specifically a wh**e for Lululemon, and Lululelmon ONLY! ah ha ha! And I know they don’t JUST sell Lulu! Plus I have SOOOO many work out clothes in my closet, I am not sure I need them to send me even more each month. My friends, manager, agent, etc are all trying to get me into “REAL” clothes, so they’d be PISSED if I signed up too! LOL!!!!

    That being said, I am glad you’re LOVING IT!!! :)
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..Naked or Dressed; That is the Salad Question!My Profile

    • admin says

      Aww, thanks for trying to vote again. I really enjoyed Fitbloggin. I got to meet so many incredible people and the sessions were good. I haven’t decided yet what my plans are for 2013 but would love to be there in Portland!

  2. says

    This sounds perfect!! I totally agree with you that when I have my workout stuff on I feel much stronger! It’s funny because I’ll walk around in tight running stuff but put me in tight regular clothes and I squirm!

  3. Maria @ lift love life says

    Christine, you are seriously too cute! And that top is gorg. I signed up but then changed my mind and now everyone is making me want to sign up again, agh! Darn you people 😉 maybe when the budget allows ill sign back up. For now I love finding things on sale, it’s like an adventure haha!
    Maria @ lift love life recently posted..How to Spoil your Favorite Fitness FanaticMy Profile

  4. says

    I love the outfit you got! It seems like a really great concept, alas I’ve been waiting 4 weeks and counting for my package. They’ve got some kinks to work out.

    • admin says

      Oh no! I’m sorry :-( I’ve heard from a couple of other people that it’s taking a little while to get their stuff. I think that they are a small company and have gotten a lot of attention in a short amount of time. Definitely kinks to work out for sure as they get a better handle on things.

  5. says

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve been getting spammed by them in my email but had only vaguely heard one mention that someone wasn’t happy with it. Now I’ve seen more people coming out and being happy with it. I might have to give it a try. I know they’ve been offering some specials to sign up lately. It makes me wish I’d jumped at the chance when they were offering the $25 lululemon gift card!
    meghan @ little girl in the big world recently posted..The Color Run Recap!My Profile

  6. says

    Thanks for this great video review Christine! I’ve been reading all the PV body reviews I can to see what types of clothing people are getting. I love that you included the brand names of the pieces you received; most reviewers aren’t providing this and I like to know what I’m wearing!

    Color and fit are great on you and don’t you be trash-talking that great post-baby belly!
    Tamara recently posted..Join my January DietBet: lose weight, win money and have fun!My Profile

    • admin says

      :-) Thank you Tamara. I actually really like the color.

      I wasn’t sure if the clothes were going to have brands and labels attached and I was kind of surprised. I guess I was just expecting a direct from manufacturer label-less top and bottom. It only makes sense to include the brand names, no?

    • admin says

      The clothes are good – basically sent me American Apparel leggings and a top from a small brand (Colosseum) but for a cheaper price. I think they can do it that way because they have direct deals with the manufacturers. They are brand new and not defective products.

      Lulu is one of the brands that they are working with…You know I have a pretty bad lulu addiction too but I like being able to 1) try some new stuff and 2) not pay as much :-) And no obligation to commit to more than a month. Not trying to hard sell but honestly the things that I like about it.

      Totally happy to answer any other questions.

  7. says

    Your new work out clothes look so pretty! I went through a phase about 3 – 4 years ago when I became serious about distance running that I w as buying running clothes every week. A very expensive addiction – but no colors or patterns as pretty as what YOU have as pictured here!
    ilene recently posted..The PauseMy Profile

  8. says

    I like to hide in baggy sweats and t-shirts with tanks underneath. I’m not sure when that change took place as I used to wear a sports bra and yoga shorts proudly. I need to get back into a better routine of working out for myself and not just for the teams I coach and maybe then I’ll be more comfortable in cute/fun workout gear.
    Kristen recently posted..What I Want For ChristmasMy Profile

  9. says

    I am addicted to workout clothes too. They are may favorite thing to wear. I think it is because I personally think I look best in workout clothes, maybe because I think they make me look fit and athletic or at least let me fool people:)
    I love this idea, but just cannot afford any more right now with Christmas. Hopefully soon.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted..Polar Heart Rate Monitor ReviewMy Profile

  10. says

    Hmm, that is an interesting concept. That seems to be the new trend now, sending outfits a month. I’ve seen it w/ kids clothes, too. I guess it’s replacing that CD a month thing I did as a teen! LOL
    jan recently posted..13 in 2013My Profile

    • admin says

      ohmygosh! I totally forgot about Columbia House and those CDs a month! I think I built up my entire CD collection through that. It is an interesting concept and I appreciate their effort to try to get quality clothes into our hands at a reasonable price – something I can’t complain about!


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