Scenes from my vacation – Montauk

Montauk Point Light – the 1st lighthouse in New York State & 4th oldest active lighthouse in the US

I’m baaaack!

First, a HUGE thank you to Miss Zippy, Kristen, Carrie, Ilene, Pavement Runner and Kristin for stepping in and taking care of my little home here for the past two weeks. I really can’t thank you enough for helping me out and allowing me to unplug (or try to) and spend time with my family.

Where were we during our end-of-summer sabbatical? Montauk.

Montauk is located on the easternmost point of Long Island. It is absolutely gorgeous and surrounded by water. There’s the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Block Island Sound on the other side. It’s known for its surfing and fishing (home to the largest commercial and recreational fishing fleet in New York State) and at one point, it was a base for the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force. It’s a pretty laid back town compared to the glitz and glamour of the neighboring Hamptons. 

We spent a lot of time at the beach – collecting rocks, throwing rocks in the water, digging holes and burying treasures (and subsequently losing the treasures because certain little people forgot to put an “X” to mark the spot).

My husband had a chance to surf in gorgeous conditions and a building swell thanks to Hurricane Isaac. While I didn’t get to surf, I did get to get out on the water on a paddleboard and practiced yoga on the water.

We also hiked around Montauk Point, enjoying the incredible views from the cliffs. The boys kept reminding all of us to stay on the path to avoid the ticks while they stopped every 10 feet to shake out rocks from their shoes. City boys.

We met up with one of Ed’s old college friends and went out on his boat. We took a short trip to Greenport on the North Fork of Long Island for dinner, ice cream and a carousel ride. The boys got a kick out of riding on a motor boat. I tried to convince them that sailboats were nice too but Jasper clearly proclaimed that he wanted a motor boat when he was older.

And then, there were the ridiculous sunsets.

No filter

Sunset from the boat

I kind of loved Montauk and is one of the few places outside of Brooklyn that I could actually see myself spending a good chunk of time because it’s so easy to be active there. It kind of reminded me of Boulder, CO in some ways in that every other person you saw was running or riding a beautiful road or tri bike.

It was a great place to close out the summer and a good reminder to just be, to enjoy and to soak it all in. While it was hard for me to unplug at first, I think that I started getting a hang of it towards the end of vacation (although I could never quite give up Instagram). Balancing living with other priorities is a work in progress. I hope that I can shift more towards the living side of the equation.

Cheers! How was your Labor Day Weekend? What’s been going on? I feel out of the loop! Did you live up these three glorious days?


    • admin says

      You are absolutely right. It does feel great & kind of made me realize how caught up I was in little, silly things that really didn’t matter in the long run.

    • admin says

      Thanks Lindsay! It was such a nice break from the city (and the heat and humidity). The boys got a kick out of living in a house with stairs! Funny things that my city kids are not used to.

    • admin says

      Thanks Glenneth! I think that the sunsets were my favorite part. They don’t quite look the same living in the city.

    • admin says

      I have never really spent any time in that part of Long Island so it was great to be out there for an extended period of time and explore. It is pretty special place.

    • admin says

      Thanks Heidi! It was a much needed break and change of scenery. Makes me miss some things about living in a house with a backyard, deck and grill!

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    Those smiles on the boys faces are priceless. I am so glad that you and Ed were able to take the time off and wrap up the summer in such a way that represents the both of you so well. The boys may be young but they will never forget this time.
    And, I was thrilled to be here for you so you could unplug and spend some quality time with the men in your life!! xo
    Kristen recently posted..Have You Met Pat Mahiney?My Profile

    • admin says

      Thank YOU Kristen! Yes, seeing the smiles on the boys’ faces and hearing them giggle was definitely worth it. They loved exploring this new place and digging endless holes in the sand. It was a great way to end the summer for sure!

    • admin says

      You are so right – being present is an absolute gift and definitely one that I haven’t appreciate nearly enough this summer. I’m glad that we had this time to be able to kick back and enjoy. I just need to remember that as we move into the crazies of September!

    • admin says

      Thank you!! I know, we don’t get sunsets quite like that in Brooklyn and my boys were floored the first couple of nights. The colors were unreal!

    • admin says

      Yes, being out of the loop was kind of great and made me realize that all the little things that I was so focused and worried about were just that – little things. Thank you for planting the seeds of a summer sabbatical.

    • admin says

      Thanks Mindy and I’m sorry that your 7 year old was sick over the weekend! I hope that everyone is feeling better now. Hopefully the rest helped!

    • admin says

      I totally know what you mean. I really kind of loved Montauk and the weather was perfect during the day and cool in the morning and evenings. Such a great break from the hot and humid weather in the city. I totally get why people spend their summers out there but I’d imagine it’d be kind of freezing in the fall and winter!!

    • admin says

      Thanks Debbie! I feel like our family didn’t have a chance to have any real downtime this summer so we were thankful to have these two weeks together in Montauk to explore and play.

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    OMG! Christine!! These are amazingly gorgeous photos!!!! So glad that you guys had such a wonderful vacation!! It’s the best way to end the summer =) Like we were chatting about, I’ve never been to Montauk but have always wanted to go – I have heard that it’s the most beautiful place in the summer (minus the traffic to get there)…Welcome home…looking forward to your posts again!! xoxo
    Michele @ Nycrunningmama recently posted..Perspective on Pregnant RunningMy Profile

    • admin says

      I think that you would totally love it there. It’s gorgeous there, so much to do and great for the kids. Yes, the traffic is pretty annoying and the invading hipsters but we figured some way around it which I’d be happy to share with you when you visit :-)

    • admin says

      Why is it so hard to just live and just be?? I wish that it wasn’t. But having you all guest post made it much easier.

    • admin says

      And it was birthday weekend!! It sounds like you had a great weekend too and great fun celebrating. The break was much needed. It kind of makes me long for more though. Maybe this just means that I need to take shorter breaks more often? 😉


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