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Recently, Under Armour Women launched What’s Beautiful – a competition to redefine the female athlete and, in the process, find new faces to represent Under Armour Women. When I first saw this competition, I loved it and the premise behind it. Declare a goal, prove how badly you want it and show how it’s done by completing 19 challenges. Along the way, rework the traditional conceptions of beauty.

I hemmed and hawed about entering the competition mainly because I wasn’t sure what concrete goal I could declare for myself given my knee. Honestly, I don’t know where I will be in my recovery 2 months from now. I want to be smart about healing. I don’t want to be irresponsible and risk further injury.

But the main reason that I hesitated was that it scares the shit out of me to put so much of myself personally out there as part of this competition and potentially risk failing. What if all the challenges are physical and I can’t complete them? What if I just look silly in the process?

As I was thinking about this, my husband reminded me that I said I was going to stop making excuses and that I’ll never get anything if I don’t try. With that, I shot a video and entered the competition. In my mind, I’ve already accomplished a huge goal just by stepping way out of my comfort zone and throwing my hat into the ring.

Over the course of the next 8 weeks, I’ll be completing 19 Under Armour Challenges to demonstrate that I have what it takes to crush my goal. The first challenge was to shoot a video of yourself announcing your goal to the world. What is my goal? Take a look at the video that I created! (PS: This is my first attempt at a vlog so please be kind!!)

You can follow the competition and check out my page here. Over the next few weeks, I may ask for your votes or comments and I would be so forever grateful for your support. On On June 26th, 10 finalists will be announced. Three women will ultimately be declared the new faces of Under Armour, two will be selected by Under Armour and one will be chosen by public vote.

For all the women out there, I encourage you to enter too! If you do enter or already have entered, please leave me a comment so that I can follow you!


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      Thank you! I think that I’ve done practically every sport under the sun. I thought it was fun. My mom thought I was non-committal. Go figure :-) I appreciate your comment and words of encouragement!!

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      Thank you! I was nervous making the video so happy to have the one under my belt. Good luck to you too! I’m following you on the UA site.

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    THIS IS AWESOME!!! I am SO rooting for you!! SO glad you took your husbands advice and are going for it!! YAY YOU!!

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      Thank you! I’m glad that I took his advice too. Not that I wouldn’t be motivated to get better but this lights a little fire under my ass. I’m excited and scared but think it will be good for me!

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    Oh my goodness! I am freaking out!!! THIS IS SO YOU & IT IS SO AWESOME!!! You were born to do this!!! I can’t wait to follow you and give you support!!!


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      You are too sweet. Thank you for this comment. Made my day and makes me feel good/more comfortable about deciding to do this little competition. I so appreciate your support!

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      Thank you Julie! I’m kind of excited about the mini challenges. Physical therapy is a bit more fun and not as monotonous now that I have these interim goals.

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    My husband recovered from the same surgery a year and a half ago – it really does test your mettle!
    I’m so thrilled for you about this contest. I have a feeling you’re going to take no prisoners.
    I’m going to be one of your supporters for sure!

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      Thank you Jenni! I so appreciate your support and encouragement! The whole recovery process does test your mettle for sure! I hope that your husband is doing well.

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    Oh this is SO SO COOL!!! I am so excited for you!! I love the vlog too, so awesome!! I can’t wait to watch you go through this!

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    I found you on SITS too, this is the second article you had that I loved. Hmmm subscribe! ;o) I’m going to go look at this challenge, it sounds like something I’d love to try just to add a challenge.

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      Thanks Jennifer! It has been good to challenge myself with this. Let me know if you do sign up!! The women who are participating are pretty amazing.


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