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Oh my goodness. I’m so happy to that it’s Friday! I feel like I say that every week but this week it’s especially true! At least the weather has started to act like Spring weather should. I even went for a run in a tank top this week. #littlethings

Speaking of running, I did manage to run 3.5 miles the other day without any pain in my hip. The only time that it felt a little off when when I ran uphill. Guess I should just avoid running hills, yes?

I’ve been working a lot on hip mobility with my physical therapist and it seems to be helping quite a bit. I’ve also become reacquainted with my foam roller. Speaking of which, if you want to learn even more about self-myofascial release techniques – you know, the stuff that you do with a foam roller or lacrosse ball – check out my latest article for espnW.


Here’s this week’s Friday Round-Up – some of my favorite posts from the week. There seriously were some really great posts circling around this week.

Are you addicted to this to?

What do you do to make yourself feel better? We live in a culture of self-help/self-development and it seems like there are endless tools and resources available to us to help us embrace the positive, be grateful, and be true to ourselves. I’m not knocking any of this but I love this post from Erin Stutland. Have those “tools” become a crutch?

Closing Comments (But Opening Up More Conversation)

Back in January, there was an essay on Design Sponge about the State of our 2014 Blog Union. In it, Grace talked about how blogging has really shifted over the last year, how people were leaving less comments and how social media was playing a much larger role in sharing and spreading the conversation. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Copy Blogger decided to remove comments from its posts, largely in acknowledgement of this trend. This week, Katy decided to close comments on her blog.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I love receiving comments on my blog posts and the sense of community that it creates. I also acknowledge that I suffer from a huge amount of blogger’s guilt because I’m often not able to respond to the comments in a timely manner – or at least immediately which is what I would like to do. The rational for closing comments is that the conversation happens elsewhere – in round-ups like this, on your own social media pages, etc. and not necessarily within the comment section of the blogs themselves as they used to. I’m torn. What do you think?

Gwyneth’s Stance on Working Moms is Not the Issue — We Are

I’m sure that you’ve heard all about the little brouhaha that Gwyneth Paltrow caused with her comments about how working moms have it so much easier compared to working on a movie set. But this post on sums up the larger issue – why do we have to compete for who has it the hardest? It’s all hard.

First Quarter 2014 – How You Running?

Brian aka Pavement Runner takes a look back on his first quarter of the year. While the stats show one thing, the story behind the stats show so much more.

Learning to Let Go of Fear

Krysten is one incredible woman and there’s so much that I admire about her. Fear can be pretty crippling especially when it relates to health conditions that you can’t really control. I think that she says it best here:

“You do not always get to chose the life your get, but you have the opportunity to create the life you want.”

Hippie Chick Granola Co.

I’m so excited for my friend Ilene. Yesterday, her granola business opened for business. Her business originally started as a way to raise some extra money to send her daughter to the National Cheer Competition but it has turned into something so much more. She has amazing granola and ships anywhere in the U.S. Go check it out!!

Comments – yes or no? Are you a granola fan? 


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  1. says

    I don’t get a lot of comments in general, but I do love each and every one I do get. I can’t see the same convo taking place on social media channels for me- maybe for bigger bloggers? I do feel bad when I don’t have the time to respond to each one though so if my blog got a lot more comments I could see how that would be stressful! So I guess my answer is it would be depend! Granola= yes!!
    Melanie @ Nutritious Eats recently posted..Marinated Three Bean SaladMy Profile

  2. says

    I considered closing comments once. I then realized that I’m not in that place where I could keep blogging without the conversation ON the blog. I’m not that blogger who can carry on that conversation elsewhere, because we talk about other things on Facebook and Twitter. So I keep the comments.

    I’m so excited for Ilene!
    Alison recently posted..Through The Lens Thursday #15: BooksMy Profile

  3. says

    Wow! The comment conversation is intriguing. Perhaps for large blogs that might work. I think we need to reach people the way that is easiest for them, some people may still prefer to leave a comment on your blog. Honestly, I don’t follow blogs that don’t allow me to comment or make me sign into a community to do so. It makes me feel that I have to work to hard for their attention even though I am the “customer”.

    I’m so excited for Ilene!
    Carla recently posted..I’m Afraid of DyingMy Profile

  4. says

    Please KEEP the comments! Even if you don’t respond in a “timely” manner, or at all – it doesn’t really matter to me. I know you’re reading them and I love reading what other bloggers have to say too. I don’t think I would ever close my comments. I LOVE reading each and every one of them!!
    YAY for Ilene. I cannot wait to place an order!
    Allie recently posted..Make Mine A DoubleMy Profile

  5. says

    How cool for your friend! Follow your love and you never know where it will take you…

    I need to read Katy’s post. I saw it on Twitter (of course!) the other day and didn’t have a chance to click over. But I think it’s a natural way for things to go now and again and I like the concept.

    Yes to spring and yes to your hip feeling better!
    misszippy recently posted..Track Week–Final InstallmentMy Profile

  6. says

    Congrats to Ilene!! So excited for her! I’m with Allie. I love reading (and receiving) comments, and it’s much easier for me to engage on my blog than on the other platforms. I totally get the guilt when I can’t respond to every single comment, but I hope my readers know that I always read and appreciate the comments. Definitely going to check out the article. Thanks for sharing!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..From the Mouth of Babes: Travel EditionMy Profile

  7. says

    Always love your round-up. I’ve been thinking about Katy’s posts and it sounds like the right decision for her. My blog posts are not exciting enough to generate discussion on other platforms and I don’t play the Facebook game well enough to have much engagement on my FB page, so for me it’s mostly blog comments and a bit of Twitter where I engage most with readers and other bloggers. As for the time suck of commenting, as a reader/commenter I do not expect a reply to every comments I make. I know we all are busy. I appreciate when other bloggers visit my blog and comment, but I only want them to do that because they want to, not because they feel they have too. On the other hand, if a blogger never engages with me in any way shape or form (on their blog or otherwise), I am less likely to follow their blog (unless it’s really awesome, and some are that awesome!) and certainly less likely to take the time to comment. That said, I’d like to hear more of your thoughts on this, so I wouldn’t mind a reply to this comment, or a follow-up discussion on another platform of your choosing. 😉
    Coco recently posted..Fit FriendsMy Profile

  8. says

    As a newer blogger and as someone who sees blogging as a coaching tool I value the comments. It gives me insight into my readers challenges and allows me to provide additional solutions. I don’t get a lot of conversation happening on my Facebook page or twitter. I suspect because they are more public places. However, I can see this becoming the trend and maybe eventually the norm. I would still read your blog if you closed comments :-) You have good words!
    Tara Newman recently posted..5 Things I Have Learned About Motivating ChildrenMy Profile

  9. says

    Thank you SO much for linking to my post (and I’ve really enjoyed reading the conversation in your comments!). I think the tipping point for me is that I am active on Twitter *all* day so I’m able to respond to all of the feedback there so I didn’t feel like I was shutting conversation down — just moving it to a different platform. I’ll be posting some follow-up thoughts in the coming weeks, once I see if this decision works for me and my readers.

    GREAT post, and I love seeing what has my friends talking!
    Katy Widrick recently posted..Closing Comments (but Opening Up More Conversations)My Profile

  10. says

    Hey sounds like a great excuse to avoid hills to me 😉 Glad you were able to get in some pain-free miles. Krysten really is an incredible woman isn’t she? I haven’t read Katy’s post, but saw her tweet about it and IG it. I enjoy commenting and reading others. And FB posts get lost in the timelines. I do, however, feel guilty like you when I can’t get to all the comments. I know some bloggers don’t reply to everyone. But out of habit, I still do.
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted..Think PositivelyMy Profile

  11. says

    If anyone should have blogger guilt right now it’s me. The Fierce Diva Guide to Life has all but slipped into the shadows and I don’t think I ever responded to the last 10 comments left on my last blog post (which now dates back to February – oh my gosh – has it been that long???) So please – take your time and I love getting your responses. Even if it’s weeks later. And thank you for the nod today. I can’t thank you enough. The love and support and good vibes behind this endeavor of mine has blown me away. You are am amazing friend. xo
    Ilene recently posted..Maybe This Could Be BigMy Profile

  12. says

    Closing comments is SUCH an intriguing idea, but I love the conversations that are born from them too much to do so. I personally do not expect a response back when I leave a comment on a blog UNLESS I am asking a question. Otherwise I realize how busy people are living their life!
    Maureen recently posted..Coconut Mustard ChickenMy Profile

  13. says

    YES! I’m a granola fan. That much is probably obvious. I love that we both gave her shout-outs on our posts today.
    I have a good friend who used to get hundreds of comments a post. Lately she always has comments turned off and it’s a bit frustrating because I often want to talk about what’s in her posts, but she feels she can’t reciprocate. It’s a funny give and take. When you start a blog, you give, give, give. At one point you begin to take too. If you’re really successful at it, eventually it tips over and you take more than you give.
    I feel that people have a choice to comment or not, normally, and I would NEVER close my comments. I get it but if someone knows I can’t comment back but is still taking the time, it really makes my day.
    Tamara recently posted..What I Want You To Know.My Profile

  14. says

    I feel guilty when I don’t respond to comments the day of the post but sometimes that is just part of life. And, I don’t know if I will close comments or not – right now the biggest part of blogging for me is the community and the connection I feel with so many bloggers!!
    Kim recently posted..Do You Have an Addictive Personality?My Profile

  15. says

    I just read Erin’s article and , wow , yes. I think all to often we run and hide from pain- it’s so much better to ride the wave of discomfort instead of holding onto our baggage. I loved the article – it really made me ask, “do I do this?” LOVE articles that make me question myself.
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..Avocado Cilantro Lime SauceMy Profile

  16. says

    I have to say I like comments and the conversations they start. I feel like it is a more personal connection with the reader and is honestly the way I’ve made most of my blogger-friends. We read, we comment and then that grows into more communication via email/text etc. But I can understand if you had a blog that was so well-read and trafficked that responding to every comment would be time consuming. I read Katy’s article and understand why it is right for her. I’m not in the same place as her blog, and I love the conversations that get started through the comments on my blog.
    Sarah @RunFarGirl recently posted..Stroller Running TipsMy Profile

  17. says

    I love comments on my blog, so I will keep doing what I am doing. I find it is the easiest place to communicate with readers and bloggers. No character limits or worries about whether or not something will show up in their timeline.
    And I am so happy and excited for Ilene, too!
    Kim recently posted..SupermomMy Profile

  18. says

    I hope you don’t close comments, because I love reading everyone’s comments on blogs I love. A lot of the time, it becomes a continuation of the post to read others’ thoughts and responses. I definitely understand the rationale behind it, but if some of your readers are not on your chosen social media, or if they don’t read the blogs that link to your posts and discuss, then those readers would miss out on some of the conversation. I assume bloggers read every comment they receive, so I’m not upset if I don’t receive a response.
    Carly @ Fine Fit Day recently posted..Half Marathon PR Quest – Week 4My Profile

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