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  1. Alison
    July 9, 2014

    Great advice, Christine. I would add: Don’t give up. It’s so easy to walk away altogether when you get more rejections than your heart is prepared for, but one more no will just lead to a yes eventually.
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  2. Angela @ Happy Fit Mama
    July 9, 2014

    I’m kind of in the same boat right now except with run coaching. I’m certified…now what??? Great tips!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..You Know You’re a Runner When…My Profile

  3. Allie
    July 9, 2014

    That is absolutely true for teaching ANY fitness class. Although it’s not nearly as competitive around here, you still have to show up and be committed when you accept a job or sub – always! The participants have LOUD voices and good studio/gym owners listen to their customers :-)
    Allie recently posted..I Choose Not To Have BalanceMy Profile

  4. Tina Muir
    July 9, 2014

    I am sure this will be so helpful Christine, you know this popped into my head the other day. I have been doing yoga flexibility exercises almost daily, and I really feel like they are helping my running; significantly! I wish I could attend one of your classes!
    Tina Muir recently posted..Secrets to Success: Arm Strengthening ExercisesMy Profile

  5. Linz @ Itz Linz
    July 9, 2014

    SHOW UP! yes, often the hardest part!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..all before noonMy Profile

  6. CARLA
    July 9, 2014

    BE OPEN.
    see opportunities all around you in the most CRAZY OF PLACES.
    You never know what they will spark or where they will lead.
    CARLA recently posted..4 Tips for taking criticism without falling apart.My Profile

  7. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast
    July 9, 2014

    I agree that relationships are key- showing your face and proving that you are consistent and reliable, like you said, goes such a long way! What a process for yoga teachers!!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..4 Reasons to Eat Fermented FoodsMy Profile

  8. HappinessSavouredHot
    July 9, 2014

    I have started 2 businesses (linguistic services and daycare) in my life, and they both thrive, but the beginnings are always scary. My 2 pieces of advice:
    – Be patient
    – Be proactive
    It will grow if you give it time AND effort.
    Best of luck! :-)
    HappinessSavouredHot recently posted..What nature has taught meMy Profile

  9. misszippy
    July 9, 2014

    Great info. I can only imagine how much persistence it must take to get a regular gig in your area. I think you’ve done a great job of balancing all of your passions (and combining them, too!).
    misszippy recently posted..Five tips for navigating your farmer’s marketMy Profile

  10. Krysten Siba Bishop (@darwinianfail)
    July 9, 2014

    I love this! Great tips! I especially love the boundaries tip. I think it easy to get swept up in a new project (whatever that might be) and say yes to every opportunity, but its important to do what is truly right for you and your life. This is something I am really working this year!
    Krysten Siba Bishop (@darwinianfail) recently posted..Lessons Learned at the Welland TriathlonMy Profile

  11. Heather (Where’s the Beach)
    July 9, 2014

    Ah, great tips – especially forming relationships. I’m struggling with the best way to move forward with my training business. I want mostly online and the in-person, I don’t want to be tied to a gym.

  12. Abby @ BackAtSquareZero
    July 9, 2014

    You write wonderful tip/how to posts. They are always so well organized.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted..Running The Cooper River BridgeMy Profile

  13. Jolene
    July 9, 2014

    Love this!! And totally agree with staying inspired, most of all. It’s easy to get into routine and maybe even a rut, but going to others’ classes at the studio and reviewing old notes and such, ALWAYS inspires and invigorates me!! Every class I teach always feels awesome after too. the best feeling :)
    Jolene recently posted..A year later, yet so much more.My Profile

  14. Jody – Fit at 56
    July 9, 2014

    Great words of wisdom for sure!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..Gratitude Monday & My Days OffMy Profile

  15. Tamara
    July 9, 2014

    I think for starting a business, “don’t give up” is the main thing I always need to hear.
    This is so interesting, because like you, my sister isn’t solely pursuing a yoga teacher career. She has a full time job and then some. And she lives in a suburban area so I wonder if that’s more or less challenging for her!
    Tamara recently posted..Over The Top.My Profile

  16. lindsay Cotter
    July 9, 2014

    great tips friend! you always inspire me to stay focused and motivated to DREAM BIG! showing up is half the battle, yes
    lindsay Cotter recently posted..3 Recipes & Ways to Use Chia SeedMy Profile

  17. Debbie @ Live from La Quinta
    July 9, 2014

    Great tips Christine, for almost any business. I really think relationships are key. Building with other teachers as well as students. Get your name out there, talk to people, go to other classes. Excellent advice.
    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta recently posted..10 Questions to NEVER Ask a RunnerMy Profile

  18. Kat
    July 9, 2014

    Sounds like me when I get group fit certified and look for local studios – relationship building is so important!
    Kat recently posted..Rebranding or Branding Yourself – Finding Your NicheMy Profile

  19. GiGi Eats
    July 9, 2014

    Oh yoga. I wish you were my teacher, perhaps you would make me love it! So many people love it, it just doesn’t turn me on quite like everyone else though!
    GiGi Eats recently posted..This is an Emergen-C!My Profile

  20. Jess
    July 10, 2014

    Relationships are so important for everything! Great tips! I struggle the most with having genuine confidence that I cqn be successful! Really believing you will be successful and showing up are crucial!
    Jess recently posted..First Workout BackMy Profile

  21. Carly @ Fine Fit Day
    July 11, 2014

    Great tips! Especially the relationships one and yes to simply showing up! It makes a huge difference. Clearly these tips work because I’ve been impressed with how many classes you’ve been teaching in our yoga-soaked area!!
    Carly @ Fine Fit Day recently posted..Fit Mama Friday – Meet SueMy Profile

  22. Coco
    July 13, 2014

    These are great tips. I think the follow-up is so important because people do get busy with their own stuff — silences doesn’t always mean rejection and your reminded may come at just the right time.
    Coco recently posted..Why Should I Go To Church?My Profile

  23. Kelsey at The Primal Yogi
    July 14, 2014

    How useful of a post for me right now! I give you so much credit for getting yourself out there living in New York. I know if I had done TT while living in Boston it would have been much more difficult . Great advice here though – thank you!
    Kelsey at The Primal Yogi recently posted..Teaching My Very First Yoga ClassMy Profile

  24. Matilda
    July 19, 2014

    I’m currently reading Think Big by Ben Carson. I haven’t finished it yet (about 80% of the way through), but one of the things that has really stood out to me is knowledge. They say knowledge is power, and that’s true. So arm yourself with knowledge and never stop learning.
    Matilda recently posted..100 Happy DaysMy Profile

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