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When I was a baby, my hair stood straight up, kind of like when you touch those static electricity balls at science museums.

When I was a toddler, I had a bowl cut – the better to accentuate my chubby baby cheeks.

When I was about 7 years old, I had a perm. I looked like an old Chinese lady with a tight football helmet head full of curls.

When I was in 5th grade, I grew a tail. You see, I have this natural blonde streak on the left side of my head, right above my ear. I thought it would be cool to grow out that strand of hair.

For my wedding, my then-stylist wouldn’t let me cut my hair too short because I had to have long(ish) hair for my wedding. Duh. After my wedding, I cut it all off to a chin-length bob that was shorter in the back. I kept my hair like that for a very long time.

I’ve spent the last two to three years growing out my hair. I finally decided it was time for something new. I liked the idea of having longer hair again and I liked the idea of being able to pull it back into a ponytail.

At Blend, my friend Lisa cut my hair for me. I love that she did and love having a friend cut my hair for me, especially when it’s clearly such a passion of hers. Lisa cut about an inch or so off and it felt freeing to lose some of the length and weight. I have super thick, stick-straight Asian hair and it gets heavy as it gets long.

When I returned home last week, I completely forgot that I had scheduled a hair appointment for Friday. I didn’t need it since Lisa just cut my hair but since I forgot to cancel the appointment, I would have to pay regardless of whether or not I actually showed up for the appointment. So I showed up.

My regular stylist was out so I was scheduled with another stylist who I have not worked with before. I figured it was no big deal because I haven’t had any problems with others at the salon and I’m pretty low-key about my hair. It’s hair after all, right?

Well, let’s just say that this woman chopped my hair. No, hacked might be a better way to describe it. I walked out of the salon a little stunned but it wasn’t until I got home that I realized how bad it was. I got upset and started crying. I have never cried about a haircut before.

I felt stupid for messing with the nice cut that my friend had given me. I felt stupid for not realizing that my hair was turning into a disaster as I sat in the chair.

I called the salon and complained. I wanted it fixed and agreed to come in and see if we could find a solution together.  But as I sat in the chair for the second time that day and tried to explain why I was unhappy, the woman who cut my hair wasn’t even listening. Instead, she chose to defend herself and educate me on hair cutting technique and terms. She wasn’t trying to find a solution with me.

I walked out. I was so angry.

On Saturday, I went to another salon – one that my cousin recommended – and I asked Mark to fix my hair. He examined my hair and had to hide a slight look of horror. My hair was cut in multiple lengths all around my head. He told me that he would have to cut it pretty short in order to get a decent line. I nodded and closed my eyes.

The haircut


All this to say, I got a haircut on Saturday – a chin-length bob that is slight shorter in the back. Perfect for summer, yes?

Have you ever had a bad haircut?


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  1. says

    Wow, I’d be so incredibly angry about this situation! You should NOT have had to pay for a haircut you were so unhappy with, especially not if they weren’t willing to fix it for you. I’ve had bad haircuts before but a lot of times I don’t realize how bad it is until I’ve washed and tried to style myself. Thankfully I just keep my hair long now!!

    And PS it looks super cute now. Perfect for summer!
    Jen @ Jens Best Life recently posted..Quebec: French Food, Gorgeous Parks, and Giant WaterfallsMy Profile

  2. says

    I just got a haircut today. My hair was outrageously long so I got at least 6 inches cut off. I had a bad perm too and looked like a lion with my tight curls. Thankfully I had a funny face to go with it. :)

    I’m glad to see that your hair turned out – I really like it! It’s very sophisticated. That mistake made you go for a cut you probably wouldn’t have.
    Julie recently posted..MIMM: Memorial Day WeekendMy Profile

  3. says

    Oh, the list of bad haircuts, perms, color jobs would take a whole post. It’s so devastating, and I hate when people try to soothe you with, “It’s just hair. It’ll grow back.” Yeah, except I now have to live with this thing on my head for a month or more. You are a lucky woman to have someone who was able to make it look so lovely. Too many times, I just lived with it.
    Melissa@Home on Deranged recently posted..Jamming out with Wagner and Bon JoviMy Profile

  4. says

    You look cute! And your haircut sounds like mine – a chin length bob that’s shorter at the back.

    I’ve had my fair share of bad hair cuts. I choose not to think about them. I’ve been with the same stylist for 8 years, and I’m sticking with him for as long as he keeps working!
    Alison recently posted..SoundsMy Profile

  5. says

    I love the new length! You look like a teenager! :) I’m pretty low key about my hair too. Like you said – it grows. I’ve had one instance similar to yours that rocked me. I felt silly but then it was fixed by someone who knew what they were doing and I loved it.
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Vermont City Marathon RecapMy Profile

  6. says

    It’s so cute! Sorry you had to go through disaster to get there, though. That is traumatic–we can all say, “it’s hair, it will grow,” but reality is…we hate a bad cut!

    I am laughing that you had a perm at age 7…that’s a funny picture!

    The worst cut I had I gave myself…cut the back w/o even looking in the mirror. WTH?
    misszippy recently posted..Not the best BQ oddsMy Profile

  7. says

    What a cute cut and it looks really good on you!!!

    I’ve had a bad haircut before, it was so uneven in the back that I had to get it chopped. I am so mad. I keep my haircuts low-key now because I am afraid of another disaster.
    Natalie recently posted..Hills + WindMy Profile

  8. says

    Have I had a bad haircut. Psh! I’m the master at receiving bad haircuts. I’ve had to find a new hairstylist with each of our moves. Of course I find the “perfect one” within a month of moving darn near every time. I like to think it gives me character…and like you said, it’s just hair, right? PS your hair is super cute =)
    Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb recently posted..Describe Your Life With A Movie TitleMy Profile

  9. says

    It looks SO good! Glad you got it fixed!

    Your string of hair stories made me smile. I think my worst was also a perm as a child- except the style was to curl your bangs and I had this brilliant idea to just perm my bangs so I wouldn’t have to curl them every morning, and the hairdresser and my mom let me go through with it… awful!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..How to Determine the Best foods for your bodyMy Profile

  10. says

    It is absolutely adorable!!! I love it.
    I had the worst haircut of my life living in NYC and I went to a ritzy salon on Madison to have it fixed. Needless to say, it ended up short, above the ears, but I loved it! Currently I’m playing with color. Playing with hair is fun, but it stinks to have someone really mess it up.

  11. says

    Oh boy!! Your hair looks really cute now!! I’ve never had a bad hair cut because I always get the same cut but I have had a bad hair color! One time the girl made my highlights pink…and then told me that it was the lighting in my house!!! Lol!

  12. says

    It looks good on you though! I guess it all worked out eventually.

    I never had super short hair for a long time now. The last time I had short was in high school. Same here, I have thick, kinda wavy, long hair and it’s hard sometimes. I have to really tie my hair really tight. It gets in the way when I’m running.

    I’ve had several bad hair cut and color days. OMG! Talking about disaster!!!
    Ja @Ja on the RUN recently posted..Simply BreakfastMy Profile

  13. says

    It looks fabulous Christine! Perfect for summer! I think I mentioned to you at FitBlogNYC the horrible haircut I got in March…I let it grow out a bit and now I really like the length. It might be time to go to someone else and get it reshaped. But now I’m a little scared to let someone cut it again!
    Gabby @ Marathons and Macarons recently posted..My NYC Summer ChecklistMy Profile

  14. says

    Oh my gosh. I am so sorry! I’ve never had that happen to me but I’m always scared when I try someone new that they are going to butcher my hair. I can’t believe the stylist actually just tried to defend herself rather than listen to you! I hope you never go back there. On the bright side, your bob is great and very summery!
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted..DMF Review- Dance Motivation FitnessMy Profile

  15. says

    Your hair looks great, Christine. My daughter got her hair cut when she was 14 and the lady cut it the wrong way. I had no idea how much she could cry about her hair. Thankfully, it grew out quickly and she started to love it. Needless to say, we never went back to that salon again. Haha
    Chris @ BSX recently posted..Ironman Texas RecapMy Profile

  16. says

    Yeah, I love it. It looks really cute. I have the same cut and while I do miss a ponytail, I also do not wear my hair in a ponytail every minute of the day. I have to pin the front back to run and that’s about it. The road to get there sounds awful – I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. The girl who does mine now that I love is pregnant. So, we’ll be on hiatus for a bit but here’s hoping she actually comes back to work!
    Amy @ Mommy Rodeo recently posted..Memorial Day – Respect and RememberanceMy Profile

  17. says

    So cute! I don’t know how it was after the botched job but the 2nd place did an incredible job of making it look awesome!!
    I had an awful cut once and it was super short so there wasn’t even a way to fix it. I cried and went on and on (didn’t help that I was about 2-3 months pregnant at the time). The manager of the salon offered to perm it – what?! I only had about an inch of hair. They still made me pay for the cut, too!!! Thankfully, it’s hair so it grew but …..
    Kim recently posted..Driving SchoolMy Profile

  18. says

    I LOVE Your haircut (now, not sure what it looked like before! poor thing!!). I have had AWFUL haircuts before and have totally cried!! I can’t believe the hair dresser defended herself and didn’t try to fix it!!! I had a horrible bowl cut once, so so awful. does that look good on anyone?!
    jobo recently posted..Gestures and reminders.My Profile

  19. says

    Ok, first, where did you go? Jet Set, or was it somewhere in your neighborhood. Second, I have gone through over 4 hairstylist since moving to MD. I’m not quite certain the “mullet” ever came back, but they all had no problem giving me one. Then I had to travel to NY just to get a good cut. Finally, my neighbor recommended her stylist to me and I’ve been loyal ever since.

    Your hair looks adorable! I would love to see some of those baby pics, though.
    Michelle recently posted..Up, Down and All Around.My Profile

  20. says

    Oh no! I haven’t had a haircut I’ve cried about, but the last one I got, I told the lady I DIDN’T want short hair because I was trying to grow it out…. it ended up getting shorter and shorter, until it was above my shoulders. I wasn’t thrilled, but she did a good job, thankfully.
    I would’ve been livid if I had to pay for a bad haircut!
    I’m glad you got the tragedy fixed because your hair looks really cute!
    I always grow mine out long, and then chop it off. Haha. It’s getting longer, so probably it’ll be chopped off by next summer!
    E @ adventure of E recently posted..Lantern Floating CeremonyMy Profile

  21. says

    Oh, lordy yes. My perm in the 7th grade is forever burned into my memory; I spent more time running to the bathroom to wet it down than I care to recall. The manly do in my mid 20s was a fright, too. I’m glad your cut looks super cute, now!
    Arah recently posted..Hi, ryeMy Profile

  22. says

    You look gorgeous with that cut! Suits you perfectly.
    I had a horrible disaster back in high school from trying to get my hair straighten. The chemicals burnt my scalp and I lost so much hair, I still have a thin crown from it. Went to the doctor and was told I had a scalp like a baby and since then I’ve been staying away from any hairstyle that use heavy chemicals such as hair dye etc. It sucks! Bad hair cut? Yes, had those too plenty of times lol.
    Just found your blog and I love it. Thank you Alison for pointing me here 😀
    Maureen@ScoopsofJoy recently posted..I Choose LoveMy Profile

  23. says

    Oh my goodness it is so cute! I love the short look, so polished and fresh! I color my hair and have had bad coloring experiences, ones that have left me in tears. Most of my hair cuts have been a success, except for the time when I chopped it all off (similar length to what you have now) and went from blond to brown. I thought it was a fun change, my husband first of all didn’t recognize me and then was so upset that I got rid of my long blond hair that he had a hard time talking to me for the rest of the evening. Haha. That was a while ago…we’re more mature about things now:)
    Sarah @runfargirl recently posted..A 5K PR and DoubtMy Profile

  24. says

    The end result looks great but how awful to go through all of that!! When I was little I had really long hair and my mom took me to get it cut chin length which I hated, so I proceeded to make a terrible face in my school picture which was just a few days later. Other than that I can’t remember any terribly traumatizing hair experiences. I’ve had it cut pretty short before and I always end up growing it out again. I think my stylist is too chicken to cut it as short as I want because she thinks I won’t like it or be able to get it in a ponytail for running. She might be right. :)
    Michelle recently posted..How To Grow Your Blog by Building a Tribe of Online FriendsMy Profile

  25. says

    I’ve only had a haircut bad enough to cry about once in my life, but I am getting a haircut on Saturday so hopefully it won’t turn into twice. I’m sorry that you had such a bad experience with the stylist, but I think your cut looks great! There’s a Polish saying that my mom always repeats to me when I’m complaining about something. Translated it is something along the lines of there is no bad thing that doesn’t turn out well in the end. Your end result is definitely the good behind that first bad. :)
    Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life recently posted..CSA Week 1My Profile

  26. says

    I think it looks great! You’re right it is perfect for the summer and shapes your face beautifully. I have had 2 cuts that made me cry. I have never been afraid of hair cuts, it’s “just hair’ but when I walked out with almost a pixie cut the week before my Sr. pictures in high school, I was mortified. It was awful. THen there was the time I chopped it off and I was told I looked like the little Dutch Boy (paint cans).
    Um yea.
    You look beautiful!
    Taylor @ Liftingrevolution recently posted..Top 30 Thursday: 30 Plank Exercises To Shock Your Core {And Body}My Profile

  27. says

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