That’s generally how I feel lately. You know the feeling…

When you sit and stare at a blank screen, hoping that words will magically start filling the page?

When you start wandering around the house and open the refrigerator door and just stare because the answer surely has to be inside of the fridge, right? Right next to the summer berries and the yogurt.

When you bribe yourself with cookies or ice cream (or both) or manicures/pedicures or a quick social media break if you just do 25 minutes of work.

When you end up scrolling through Twitter or Facebook or Instagram anyways because inspiration must be lurking around the corner. oh pretty picture…

When you start to make to-do lists and fill the list with things that you have already done (or easy to do) just so that you can cross them off and feel productive.

When one more cup of iced coffee seems like a really good idea.

When you insist on writing a blog post even though you’re not sure what you’re going to say but dammit, you’re stubborn and there will be a blog post!

Dancers pose

Feeling stuck is a funny thing. It feels heavy and weighty in an elephant-sitting-on-your-chest kind of way.

It’s easy to sink into the heaviness of it and let it keep you in place. It’s easier to stay still than to try to move against the heaviness. If you let it sit too long, you start to believe that you will be stuck forever.

Yesterday morning, I taught a yoga class. I felt myself stumble over my words during class and I could feel that I wasn’t quite expressing what I wanted to convey through my sequencing, words and adjustments.

I felt off and stuck and uninspired.

After class, someone came up to me to tell me what a wonderful class it was, how it made her feel expansive and gave her so much space inside. That she became utterly lost during class through a combination of the movement, music and words.

Whoa. I wasn’t expecting that.

Give out what you most want to come back

But it reminded me that while we might not always feel expansive and we might feel stuck, we can offer a sense of joy and freedom to others in our lives. And, in turn, maybe that makes us a bit more receptive to receiving inspiration and light in our own lives and to moving forward.

Because you do have to keep moving forward. Because if you don’t try to shake off the stuck feeling, it will linger.

How do you get unstuck?



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  1. says

    You never know how your words or actions might impact others. Usually if I feel stuck, I go into avoidance mode. It isn’t productive but it’s my go-to.

    However, sometimes matching my mood breaks me out of it. Music sometimes taps in nicely and allows for a strange breakthrough.

    Writing is one of those things that takes me an excessively long time. I wish I could be more efficient.
    Melissa Burton recently posted..Tunes For Tuesday – RetroFutura Tour Artist: Thompson TwinsMy Profile

  2. says

    When I feel stuck, I just veg out. I sit down and do no-brainer things. I read and let myself get lost (and hopefully inspired) by someone else’s words.

    Much of what we do, what we think we don’t do so well, others see it differently. I’m glad your student told you what your class did for her, because often, we don’t see what others see.
    Alison recently posted..Once Upon A TimeMy Profile

  3. says

    IG, FB, twitter, feedly, bloglovin, pinterest….all my little distractions when I’m stuck. Sometimes they actually do un-stuck me and give me a little inspiration. But mostly I waste time.

    And major high five for an awesome class! I know I’ve received compliments about things when I felt I royally sucked. I see the stumbles while no on else even notices.
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Bia Sport GPS Watch ReviewMy Profile

  4. says

    For the first stuck stuff, I would say you need a vacation! But it’s true that even when you don’t feel like you are at your best, you still can be helping others. Like that blog post you write straight from your heart without editing that resonates.
    Coco recently posted..Recipes For Three Easy Summer SaladsMy Profile

  5. says

    Ugh, I feel you friend. Man I wish we lived near each other and we could sit together and chat about it. Sometimes when I start feeling stuck like this, it’s when I find myself heading towards depression. It’s when I know I have to make an effort to do something, anything to get myself unstuck. Sometimes stepping away from something (like the blogging) is a great way to shift gears though. And isn’t it funny how even when you are feeling one way, doubting yourself even, someone surprises you with an amazing compliment?

  6. says

    How do i get unstuck?

    I read inspirational blogs like yours and find just what I needed to hear, just at the right time.

    “…while we might not always feel expansive and we might feel stuck, we can offer a sense of joy and freedom to others in our lives.” <—THIS is exactly what I needed to hear. You're awesome. Thank you.
    Carrie recently posted..The Honu Life: ABC Project – Day 9My Profile

  7. says

    Oh I’m so glad your class participant shared that with you! I’ve had similar experiences in my classes and was always so grateful that someone had the complete opposite experience of what I thought I was teaching!
    I have to say, with all that I’ve had circling lately, I kind of wish for a”stuck” moment!!..BTW – looks like you’re un-stuck! :-)
    Allie recently posted..Feeding My Face, The Lazy WayMy Profile

  8. says

    A good hike usually helps, but sometimes I don’t have time for that – which makes things worse. Recently I had a blogger contact me with career questions. That helped a lot. Yesterday was a bad day – I wonder if it is the lack of a decent summer. Even my workout didn’t help, but I received another email from a blogger and I feel much better. Hate being so reliant on others though.
    Savvy recently posted..Why I Will Never Be a HomesteaderMy Profile

  9. says

    I turn everything off and tune into me. I find myself getting stuck when I am looking to the outside too much. Unknowingly comparing myself to others, my perception of them, and my perception of how I should be doing, acting, saying, writing in comparison. Even though I am not saying “look at what they are doing and look at what I am not doing.”…it somehow happens on a subconscious level.

    Another thing that gets me stuck is my love for learning. I read a lot of books and then my brain just revolts. Can’t consume anymore content. Stuck. Like I fry my hard drive. So I turn everything off. I pick up a mindless young adult book and just read to escape.

    Good thoughts Christine…as usual :-)
    Tara Newman recently posted..Ironman Lake Placid 2014 Race ReportMy Profile

  10. says

    It is funny how when I don’t think I gave my all, or I felt stuck or uninspired, with photography or writing (which definitely happens!), people sometimes still tell me I did a great job. Or exactly what they wanted.
    I guess it’s funny that sometimes people can’t even see the stuck, or we can still let out what we need to let out.
    Tamara recently posted..You’re Not Screwed.My Profile

  11. says

    I don’t have any help on getting unstuck but if you find an answer you will have to share.
    I do the same thing with lists – put on the stuff I’ve already done just for the satisfaction of having something to mark off.
    Hope you know that you make a difference in many lives even when you feel stuck in your own!!!
    Kim recently posted..Time Is a Valuable CommodityMy Profile

  12. Shawn says

    I can relate to this post. Thank you so much for your words. You may be “stuck”, but I am glad to know that I am not the only one.


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