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Hurricane Sandy activity schedule

List of activities to keep the boys busy while inside


Imagine a not-so-big New York City apartment. Imagine that living in that apartment are two little boys – ages 3 and 5 – stuck inside for three days last week. Imagine mayhem.

No, seriously, the boys have been great sports over the past week and have kept themselves pretty busy. But you can imagine how happy they were once they were able to go outside again. What do you think they wanted to do? RUN. They didn’t care where we went. They just wanted to run.


Mini Reebok RealFlex Transition 2.0

So we laced up their new Reeboks and set out to run off some excess energy.


After yesterday’s Nor’easter, it looks like we might be cooped up for a few more days again!

By the way, aren’t these the most ridiculously cute sneakers you’ve seen? They’re mini RealFlex Transitions. They are super light and flexible and are a cool black and lime green.  The boys usually complain about putting on “tie shoes” but amazingly, they didn’t this time. Jasper liked that he could practice tying his own shoe. Everett has refused to wear any other shoe, except if it’s raining.


Did it snow yesterday where you live? Are you ready for winter weather? I’m not…


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{Disclosure: Reebok provided me with two pairs of children’s sneakers. I received no other compensation. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.}


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    • admin says

      How cute would that workout video be!! Yes, he’s very organized and very into his schedule. I wish some of that would rub off on me! 😉

    • admin says

      Seriously, the snow was just annoying. And then it’s going to be like 70 over the weekend?? What? Not complaining about the warmer weather but would love just some more consistent weather!

    • admin says

      There’s never ever enough room at home for the kids! Sometimes I wish we had a backyard and I could just put them outside for a while. I was actually super surprised that J figured out how to tie his own shoes so quickly. He normally wears velcro but he got a pair of hand-me-down sneaks a few months ago that were tie shoes and he loved the idea of them.

    • admin says

      You should!! They would love to have company in their run-arounds since Mommy and Daddy are a little sick and tired of it :-)

    • admin says

      Seriously, that’s the things that makes me the happiest – seeing the two of them playing together. R and AJ will be there sooner than you know it! And thanks for your comment about the video. Animoto made it super duper easy so I can’t take all the credit :-)

  1. says

    So darn cute, both the boys and the sneaks! Being housebound is tough on both kids and parents, that is for sure. I am always happy in the colder weather that my son is a swimmer and therefore gets really great exercise year-round. My daughter and her friends tend to want indoor activities when the weather turns and it is always a challenge to push them all out the door–they need it and so do I!
    misszippy recently posted..I may not hit 50, but…My Profile

    • admin says

      My boys are total homebodies by nature but I know that if they are stuck inside for too long, they will have SO MUCH excess energy by the end of the day and never go to sleep!! I have lots of memories of swim practice in the winter and being constantly having wet hair in the cold weather :-)

  2. says

    Yes, ridiculously cute shoes, and ridiculously cute boys! That video is awesome!! What is animo? I should probably just google it… is that how you made all those fun effects?
    I’m so sorry you just got snow, after already being off school… you guys are getting hit hard. I don’t envy you, but I do hope we get to see just a little bit of snow when we’re in the northeast for the holidays!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Halloween eats and Quinoa Veggie Stuffed PeppersMy Profile

    • admin says

      I’m totally unprepared – definitely mentally but also the boys have no winter clothes!! Going to have to go order a bunch of stuff now. Overall, the colder weather makes me crabby for a good 6 months.

    • admin says

      They are totally out to get us. There are so many cute ones out there. The sneaker closet is slowly taking over our house. We’re slowly getting back to normal, thanks. Sorry about the rain but you guys need it, no?

    • admin says

      They generally prefer to stay at home so I think that it’s harder on us parents!! But I know that they are much happier (and sleep better) when they can get out and run around.


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