Scenes from my weekend: FitBloggin’

Fitbloggin 2012 name tag

FitBloggin Swag Bag

Amazing FitBloggin’ swag bag! And there there was more waiting for us over the course of the conference!


It was a a whirlwind (and beautiful) weekend in Baltimore for FitBloggin’. I’m not quite sure where to start so I figured I would just start with the pictures. The conference itself was jam-packed with incredible sessions with so so so much information. I have to admit that my head kind of hurt from taking in all the great information (clearly I don’t concentrate this hard in my daily life). The sponsors were overwhelmingly generous in supporting Roni and the FitBloggin’ staff. I’ll have a recap of the conference itself later this week.


Reebok Fitbloggin CrossFit WOD

Reebok CrossFit WOD to start off Day 1 of FitBloggin’

Tamara from fitknitchick and Lindsay from Lindsay’s List


There were super fun workouts every morning including yoga, bootcamp, and a workout with Cathe Friedrich. My favorite was the Crossfit WOD sponsored by Reebok. It was led by Jared Davis, a Crossfit coach at Reebok’s headquarters, and a few local Crossfit coaches. They spent quite a bit of time explaining what Crossfit was all about – constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement – and demonstrating proper form. Working in pairs, we completed this WOD:

  • Air squats
  • Sit-ups
  • Burpees

Working with a partner, we each did 1 minute – AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of each exercise and switched off and completed two rounds of this circuit. Technically, that’s only 6 minutes of work. After 1 minute of air squats, I was breathing hard. The one minute of rest was never quite enough time for my heart rate to recover. I guess that’s the point, right? Luckily, I had a great partner – Laura from Mommy Run Fast – who kept cheering me on, especially when I started making funny faces when I realized that I had only completed 30 seconds. It was a fun introduction to Crossfit and I kind of really want to try more.


With Carly from Carly Bananas

FitBloggin' friends: Miss Zippy, Sweet Life Ericka, Mommy Run Fast

Amanda from Miss Zippy, Ericka from Sweet Life with Ericka, and Laura from Mommy Run Fast

Fitfluential surfers unite! Hanging with Hank Hanna from the Business of Losing Weight.

Fells Point Farmers Market

Finally meeting Michelle from Callia’s Corner!

FitBloggin’ sponsors McCormick, puravit and JumpSport Fitness Trampoline. Plus, lots of other great companies were represented like Cheribundi. Everett even got to try the kiddie size JumpSport trampoline. Let’s just say I had to bribe him with stickers to get off.

So excited to get to meet Lindsay and Laura.

And Carla (aka MizFitOnline)…


But the best part was the people. FitBloggin’ brought together roughly 300 people who are all on this journey towards health and fitness. It was amazing to hear everyone’s story and experience, to hear about their inspiration and why they blog. It’s hard to describe the atmosphere and I know that I won’t do it justice.

I loved being able to meet and spend time with in person people that I’ve become friends with over the past several months. It’s kind of funny when you do actually meet in person for the first time because you kind of feel like a stalker in that you follow their blog and you know quite a bit about their lives. But at the same time, it also makes it easier. I was so happy to get to meet and spend some time with LauraMiss Zippy, Lindsay, Ericka, Carly, Amanda, Hank, Bex, Tamara, Julie, Coco, and Miz. I know that I’m forgetting people several other people!

The best was a last minute meet-up with another blogging friend – Michelle from Callia’s Corner. I’m not sure how or when Michelle and I crossed paths (I have a feeling that it was through Ilene) but we bonded over our fear of open water swimming, challenges of children and swim classes, and New York City. Michelle happened to comment on Friday’s post which reminded me that she lived in the area. We quickly arranged to meet up on Saturday morning for a walk from Inner Harbor over to Fells Point and back and settled into an easy conversation like we’ve known each other for ages for which I was grateful.


Have you been to a blogging conference before? What’s your favorite part? Do you feel like a stalker when you meet your blogging friends in real life?



  1. says

    The past few days I’ve been so jealous of everyone that has been at FitBloggin’. I was feeling stalker-ish, if you will, checking out instagram every so often to see the fun everyone was having. Looks like you had so much fun! So many awesome bloggers that I’d love to meet (you included). One day…
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Splitting Up A Long RunMy Profile

    • admin says

      It was fun but would have been more fun with you there!! I would love to meet you some day too. I tried not to bombard people with too many Instagrams. Next year, FitBloggin’ is going to Portland.

  2. says

    I’m so angry that I moved out of Baltimore a month before this and then wasn’t able to go… AFTER PAYING FOR IT AND EVERYTHING. rawr. haha.

    I’ve been like stalking everyones instagram! Looks like everyone had a freaking BLAST
    Charlotte recently posted..Training with BronchitisMy Profile

    • admin says

      I was wondering if I would see you. I thought I remembered that you might be there. Boo! I know that there are other reasons but selfishly, I was sad. It was fun but more fun with you there!

    • admin says

      Thanks Erin! It was a lot of fun. Kind of like you were getting together with old friend even though you’ve never met! And great to meet new friends too.

    • admin says

      I was skeptical about attending a blogging conference but it was really great. Aside from good sessions and information, the opportunity to connect with people in person was definitely worthwhile. Next year, Fitbloggin’ is going to be in Portland at the end of June so keep that in mind!

    • admin says

      It was a lot of fun and if you have the chance to attend a blogging conference or even a blogger meet-up, you totally should! It was great to be able to put faces to names/pictures/Twitter handles :-)

    • admin says

      It was so wonderful to meet you this weekend too. So great to finally be able to put some faces to names and Twitter handles :-) Hope our paths cross again in the future!

    • admin says

      It was a really inspiring weekend. So incredible to be in a room filled with such great people and to hear everyone’s story. I hope that you can make one next year. I would love to meet you!!

    • admin says

      I started freaking out the last day that I hadn’t been taking any pictures so started taking a ton! It was fabulous to meet you too. It was a jam packed weekend but we had so much fun in Baltimore. Look forward to our paths crossing again in the near future!

    • admin says

      We did have a great weekend in Baltimore and again, so glad that it worked out that we could get together. Yes, please stay in touch and let me know when you come up to NYC!

    • admin says

      It was definitely a good experience and I learned a ton both from the sessions themselves but mainly from the other people in the room. It’s worth looking into for sure!

  3. says

    I love this! So many people to meet this weekend, what a great experience this must have been (I LOVE Cathe Friedrich! Used to ONLY do her workouts, she’s just awesome. I’ve met her a few times and love love love her!). I ALWAYS feel like a stalker when I meet blog friends for the first time. Or like it’s a first date hehe 😉
    jobo recently posted..Where our story continues.My Profile

    • admin says

      Totally felt like it was a first date! But at the same time, it was like you Googled and found way too much information about the person beforehand. heehee. It was a great experience – both the sessions and learning from the people in the room. And such great people!

    • admin says

      I have a feeling that there will be plenty of recaps going around :-)
      I’m going to have one about the sessions themselves probably on Wednesday :-)

  4. says

    Everyone’s smiles show what a great conference it was. There doesn’t seem to be a fake on in the bunch!

    Is it wrong to say that I am totally jealous everyone got to hang out with you but broken down car, sick ol’ me?!

    Glad you had a great time and such beautiful weather!!!
    Kristen recently posted..Finding The PositiveMy Profile

    • admin says

      No, not wrong. I missed seeing you too. I hope that you’re feeling better, the car’s fixed and the computer’s fixed too!!

  5. says

    Ughhhh! I am so bummed that I missed this conference…I’ve heard Amazing things about FitBloggin and knew that it would be impossible to attend once I found out I was carrying #2. LOL. You got to meet SO many of my favorite bloggers!!!!!!
    Glad you had a wonderful weekend…I’m itching to see you again – when’s the next NYC event? =)
    Michele @ Nycrunningmama recently posted..Ryan ThomasMy Profile

    • admin says

      I know but you’ve had your hands full the last week!! I’m itching to see you again too! When you are up for it, I’d love to have a date. xoxo

    • admin says

      It definitely was a good way to start off the day. It was also a fun way to try some new activities that I otherwise would not have tried. It was fun!


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