Scenes From My Weekend – Easter

This weekend signaled the start of the boys’ spring break. After Ed and I realized that vacation actually started on Friday instead of Saturday, we scrambled to find a babysitter for the boys so that we could work. I guess that’s one of the downsides of being a freelancer – you’re not as clued in to all the official office holidays. Baseball season also kicked off at the end of last week and the boys were excited to watch the first Yankees game of the season.

The boys busied themselves with preparations for Easter. Jasper cut out paper eggs and diligently decorated them while Everett coordinated numerous egg hunts in the house. He hid the handful of plastic eggs that we have in random and not-so-hidden locations around the living room – like on top of the TV console or next to a lamp. He led us around the room to find the eggs. Once we found them, we had to place them in our “cubby.” Needless to say, he was well-prepared for the egg hunt at his Grandparents’ house on Sunday morning.

I had a follow-up visit with my doctor on Friday. Everything is healing well and I get to start physical therapy today which I am thankful for. I’m itching to start rebuilding my strength and range of motion so that I can finally bend my knee!! Apparently, I was to have started trying to walk on my own using one or no crutches. Oops. I didn’t realize that but there was a part of me that was scared too. When I tried to walk at the doctor’s office, I was very shaky and wasn’t able to do it without the support of my crutches. Even then, I managed only a slight shuffle forward. But since then, I’ve started putting more weight on my leg and walking around the house using only one crutch. Progress! Two weeks down in the brace. Two more weeks to go.


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    Sounds like a great little Easter weekend!! I am so glad you are able to start walking soon and only two more weeks with the brace! Wow, that is awesome!

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      It was a nice weekend. Had a movie night with a friend last night which was great. Such a novel idea to be walking! :-) Two weeks doesn’t feel that far away now.

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    Man, I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to feel wobbly on your feet and unable to bend your knee. You are so strong though – you’ll bounce right back from this and be stronger for it,I’msure of that!

    PS. super cute pics of the boys! I love it.

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      Thanks Jess! It’s crazy how my leg shakes like crazy when I walk or put weight on it. Funny how in the span of 2-3 weeks you can go from feeling super strong to having zero strength. But baby steps, right? I’m just excited to start moving more and working towards 100%.

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    congrats on the progress! i can definitely understand the fear of not walking with the crutches. you’ll be surfing again in no time.

    So what is this Grady’s I do not know about? Looks like its clearly been missing out in my life. 😉

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    Grady’s Cold Brew ( is delicious! It’s a New Orleans style coffee concentrate that’s brewed and bottled in Brooklyn. Love love love it. I don’t think that they’ve been around for long but they do ship! And yes, progress is a good thing.

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    Hi Christine!
    I’m visiting you from SITS! Sure sounds like you had a great Easter weekend! Wishing you continued success with your recovery. Have a good one!

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    I could eat your boys up right along with all of the Easter candy. They are so sweet in that photo with their egg hunting baskets!
    Glad you are moving along the road of recovery so smoothly. Two weeks and the brace is off…I’m sure you can’t wait!!

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