Scenes from my weekend – Asheville

First of all, thank you so much for your incredible comments on my post on Friday. After a frustrating week like last week, I was so grateful to read your kind words and encouragement. I mean, I know that we all struggle with balance but to actually feel the support from everyone? Unbelievable. I think that people at the airport thought that I was crazy as I teared up several times as I read each comment as they came in. 

This weekend was just want I needed to reset. We’ve had so much fun exploring Asheville, NC. It’s a charming place. Incredible beauty all around with lots of rivers, mountains and waterfalls to explore. Music pouring out of every other restaurant or bar and musicians strumming on street corners. It kind of reminded me of that episode of the Gilmore Girls when the Stars Hollow troubadour makes it big and leaves town and would-be troubadours invade the town to take his place. Idyllic. There’s a prominent local food culture here too and we’ve been enjoying delicious meals (so much food!!). Best of all, we’ve had a chance to properly catch up and chat. I’ll share some of our fun adventures from the weekend throughout the week.

I’m also really excited about this idea that Melissa from Live, Love & Run had to start something called The Weekly Chase – about connecting bloggers with other bloggers to help each other reach our goals. Every week, bloggers will post one or more goals that they would like to chase down that week. The goal(s) can be anything that you want to achieve that week – fitness, nutrition/eating, home/organizing, etc. Won’t you join us in The Weekly Chase?

My goals for the week are:
  1. Finish off the Green Smoothie Challenge!
  2. Go swimming at least once this week.
  3. Do my physical therapy exercises EVERY DAY. Lately, I’ve had a hard time doing them lately and have been skipping them some (most?) days.
What are you goals for the week? What fun things did you do this weekend?


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      haha! Another Gilmore Girls fan? Asheville had been on my list for a while too. Kept hearing such great things about it. It was a lot of fun to explore.

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    Asheville looks pretty inviting when I look at your pictures! I’ve always wanted to check it out.

    Good luck with the goals this week. Mine is to be as productive as possible while kids are in camp this week! (and maybe catch up on all the blogs I am behind in reading–yikes!)

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      I think that I have the same goal – need to make the most of the time that the kids are at camp! Asheville is a pretty neat place and so many amazing outdoor adventures nearby.

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    SO glad you had fun, Christine!!! You definitely needed that, and I’m hoping you feel refreshed and ready to conquer. It looks like it was beautiful!!

    Herrick, the kids, and I went camping in the backyard this weekend. 😀 It was super fun, but unfortunately, we were somewhat on a lumpy hill. We all kept rolling toward one end of the tent! (Yay for sneaking back into the house! lol)

    Thank you so much for the support in the Weekly Chase project.<3 (Don’t forget to add your link to the end of mine today so it’s included in the bunch!)

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      It was definitely what I needed. It was great to be outside in such a gorgeous place, to spend time with my friend, eat delicious food and SLEEP! haha! I love your camping story. Thank you for starting the Weekly Chase. I think that it will be pretty amazing.

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    I am so glad you had a great weekend – It sounds like it helped you decompress from your tough week last week! I love the idea of setting goals for the week. For me, I want to time one of my 1-milers that I have been doing during the run streak. I have no idea what my “fastest mile” will be – but hopefully this week I will find out!

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      It was a great way to decompress after last week. i definitely needed it! That’s a great goal for the week. I want to know how fast you run! :-)

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    SO glad this weekend away gave you a chance to reset and refocus and unwind and unplug. Sometimes just a few days is all it takes to feel back to “me” again, huh? Ps I love your goals for this week – you can dooo it!!

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      Thanks Michele! I haven’t really spent any time in NC so was really excited to have the chance to explore. Also made me realize that I really do know nothing about the rest of the U.S. outside of the Northeast. So sad!

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      Congratulations Heather!! That’s awesome! Asheville is pretty cool. I too had heard so many good things about it and was excited to finally have a chance to check it out.

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    Beautiful pictures! Looks like a great weekend! And great goals…I really want to try a green smoothie one day…I just haven’t gotten the guts to try it yet!

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      Thanks Mindy! You should try a green smoothie! You can start just by adding some baby spinach. Honestly, you can’t even taste that it’s in there. I was pretty intimidated at first but once I started drinking them, they are great!

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    SO glad you got the reset you needed!! It’s amazing sometimes what a difference a few days, and some support from friends, can do, isn’t it? I love your goals for the weekly chase! And I keep eyeing your green smoothies and want to try one. Come make me one? 😉

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      I would love to come and make you a green smoothie! Yes, it was really really good to reset and relax. Thank you all for your amazing support!

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    What did I do this weekend? Let me see…I drooled over the photos of your food! That made me want to hit Asheville alone but then the pictures of the outdoors…I should just book my plane ticket now. I can’t wait to read more about your adventure. So glad it was sooo good for your soul!! xo

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