Portraits of a Mother

Jasper loves to draw. A lot. Every day he comes home from school with a stack of new drawings to add to our art collection at home. And he insists on hanging most of these drawings in his room or on a few walls around our apartment.

A few weeks ago, Scary Mommy shared some portraits that her children have drawn of her. They are hilarious but I suggest that you put down your coffee before clicking over.

After reading this post, I went looking through Jasper’s drawing to find his collection of portraits. I’ve always loved his portraits. Everyone is usually so smily and happy. And I love that Everett is always the shortest and squattest of them all – well, because he is.

I love that we have big round bellies (clearly we’re well-fed) and pine cone hands (the better to grasp things?).

Family portrait

I think that this is the first portrait that he drew of me. My legs look kind of short and my hips a bit boxy. Are the blue marks on my face supposed to be my chubby cheeks? And it looks like I’m having a bad hair day but at least I’m giving him hugs.

Portrait of Mommy

In this family portrait, I have nice long legs but still having a bad hair day.

Jasper's Family Portrait

Apparently, all the women in my family have afros. But everyone has a belly button.

extended family portrait

Here is his latest portrait, drawn earlier this week. My hair seems to have been tamed and coifed and I have my dream eyelashes – they’re so long! But how did we progress from the picture above to here so quickly?? I’m kind of astonished at how his drawings have changed.


Mommy portrait 2012


Mama’s Losin’ It

Do you kids draw portraits of you? Come on over to my Facebook page and share them with me! You do already like my Facebook page, right?



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    • admin says

      I have thought about that. I figure that it would be a lot easier to keep his art versus all those millions of drawings and papers! Thank you Nechama.

  1. says

    How sweet! I love the HUGE smiles on everyone’s faces. A sign of a happy child in a happy family. It is surprising how quickly they go from stick figures to detailed drawings, isn’t it? Love watching them grow and their drawings and writing along with them.

    So glad you linked up with Mama Kat today!!!
    DGMommy (Tamara) recently posted..Google Taught Me Everything I KnowMy Profile

    • admin says

      Thanks Tamara. The huge smiles are my favorite part too. Whenever I think that I’m failing in my parenting, I take comfort in the fact that we’re all still smiling in his drawings! :-)

    • admin says

      The smiles are the best! I love that he thinks of me as smiling even though I know that I don’t always smile all that much :-)

    • admin says

      I know – the square mid-section and round belly is awesome. Not sure what that says about my physique :-) As you know, kids are prolific in their artistic creations. We’re trying to keep what we can.

  2. says

    Thanks! I haven’t seen scary mommy for a long time and that was hilarious! I never thought of taking pictures of their drawings–fantastic. My walls are also covered in artwork. Maybe I can get some wall space back…..hmmmmmmmm
    Jill of PJgamers recently posted..Son Day, maybe?My Profile

    • admin says

      I figured that taking pictures of their drawings is a bit more manageable than the piles and piles of drawings! I tried taking some of their drawings down but they quickly created more and stuck them back up on the walls. Prolific young artists!

  3. says

    So adorable! I just had a parent teacher conference last night with my kids teachers and she was so great at explaining all of the details about child development and how to analyze a pictures… these drawings say so much about your amazing little man. The Scary Mom post was hilarious!!!
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..10 Holiday Gift Ideas for RunnersMy Profile

    • admin says

      I know, I totally want to psychoanalyze the drawings but I’m trying to resist the urge and just appreciate it for what it is. It is pretty amazing to see his imagination and creativity explode. And I love that Scary Mommy post. I go back to it whenever I need a laugh.

    • admin says

      It is pretty cool to see things from your kid’s perspective. It’s so fun when they start drawing and creating things. You’ll have so much fun with Sterling!

    • admin says

      I hope you do ask your grandson to draw you a picture. My son’s face lights up when I ask him to draw me something.

    • admin says

      You’ll have so much fun when your two start drawing. Seriously, his drawings have totally changed since he started Kindergarten this fall.

  4. says

    That last one is very Picasso-esque. Hold on to it, it may be worth $$ some day!

    I too love watching the evolution of my children’s drawing abilities; the psychology student in me loves to ponder how the changes in what’s emphasized in the drawings reflect what’s going on cognitively, emotionally and socially with the child….

    Thanks so much for sharing these Christine!
    Tamara recently posted..Health benefits of mushrooms | Hungarian mushroom soup recipeMy Profile

    • admin says

      I totally want to psychoanalyze the pictures!! I’m definitely holding on to that last one. My husband got jealous and asked Jasper to draw his portrait too!

    • admin says

      It kind of amazes me how all the details of the face have changed and improved – the eyes, nose, lips. Thank you for this fun prompt!

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