Friday Round-Up: Secondary Runner’s High

high five friday_fall favorites

From killer workouts, delicious recipes and yoga tutorials, get endless ideas by following me on Pinterest.I think that I still have secondary runner’s high from the New York City Marathon. Is that possible? It’s definitely reflected in the posts that I chose to highlight this week (sorry in advance to the non-runners!). All of this […]

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Ask a Yogini: What are the Best Yoga Poses for Sleep?

Suffering from insomnia or restless sleep? Try this bedtime yoga sequence to relax your mind and body for an amazing night's sleep. These are the best yoga poses for better sleep.

If there’s one thing that I need to work on, it’s getting more sleep. Mostly, I tend to stay up too late at night. Other times, I wake up multiple times during the night and have trouble going back to sleep. When I don’t get enough sleep, I’m cranky and stressed the next day. When I’m stressed, […]

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How to Drive Blog Traffic with Pinterest {and a Pinning Perfect Review}

Do you have a Pinterest Strategy? Learn how to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest and get access to a great resource for rethinking your social media strategy.

Pinterest. There’s a lot of talk about how Pinterest is such an important social media channel, especially for bloggers and other creators of content, because it drives a ton of traffic to different websites. While I’ve heard this over and over again, I never really paid much attention to Pinterest. When I signed up for […]

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