Bikini Ready Beach Body

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.16.24 AM

The past weekend was the official first weekend of spring. You could kind of feel it in the air. After the long, cold and unrelenting winter, everyone seems to be ready for sunshine and warmer weather. The other sure sign that it’s spring? Magazines, commercials and blogs reminding us that, “It’s XX days until bikini […]

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Being Afraid. Being Brave.

Hawaii ocean

I learned to surf about three years ago. Actually, it was largely the reason why I started this blog. There was something that was unleashed when I learned to surf. There’s something about the ocean that soothes and calms me while also terrifying me at times. Like running and yoga, my experiences in the water […]

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Friday Round-Up: Race Time

NYC Half

Oh man, this week has been a MESS (thanks Lindsay for posting this). Why is it that everything always seems to happen at the same time?? It’s race week, of course. In addition to that? Multiple deadlines. Multiple meetings. New assignments. Kids’ appointments. Achy knees and a cranky foot. (Maybe it’s just mental?) Oh, and […]

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Zen and the Art of the Rainbow Loom

rainbow loom

The last thing that I wanted in my house was a Rainbow Loom. I knew it was all the rage among my son’s friends. Jasper would mention how so-and-so had a rainbow loom or had learned how to make a new pattern. He would come home with gifts of bracelets and rings from friends at […]

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