Old School Blogging – Holiday Edition

Christmas reverse warrior

It’s the height of the holiday season and what better way to celebrate that with another edition of Old School Blogging! I kind of love Old School Blogging – a quick fun way to get to know other bloggers. This time Elaine  has teams up with Kir from The Kir Corner (who I love and had the pleasure of meeting at Bloggy Boot Camp last year!)

Here we go – all holiday inspired questions!

1 Holy Night or 8 Crazy Ones? (Do you Celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, both?)

Christmas! But we this year we’re celebrating 3 Christmases – one with my side of the family (my whole family is flying in from California this year) and one with my in-laws. The third Christmas celebration involves my family, my sister’s family and our two cousins where we bake and decorate a ton of cookies and have a ridiculous gift exchange.

Peppermint or Chocolate?

Both. I mean, my favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

Sing us into the Holiday Season, what is your favorite Carol this time of year?

Lately, all the carols that we’ve been singing around are house are kid-friendly i.e. Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, Santa Claus is coming to town. But last weekend, we went into Manhattan to see an exhibit at the New York Public Library. As we came out, there were carolers in the lobby. I found myself going that they would sing O Come All Ye Faithful. I think that’s one of my favorites along with O Holy Night.

Tell us about a Favorite Family or Personal Holiday Tradition.

My absolute favorite holiday tradition is the Christmas cookie extravaganza we have every year. It’s evolved quite a bit since the kids came on the scene but it’s still one of my favorite days of the year.

Christmas cookie decorating in progress

C’mon you remember your favorite  (Christmas, Hanukkah) gift, tell us all about it:

Is this terrible but I can’t remember a favorite Christmas or Hanukkah gift???

That magical moment? (Your favorite scene from a Holiday movie…it’s okay if you have 2)

Have you seen the Family Stone? My favorite scene is when Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker) is preparing her famous strata. As she goes to put it into the refrigerator, Diane Keaton and Rachel McAdams come into the kitchen and accidentally bang the kitchen door into Meredith and the strata ends up all over her. THEN, in the other room, Luke Wilson and Dermot Mulroney (who play brothers in the movie) start fighting and chasing each other around the house and into the kitchen. Everyone ends up on the floor with egg all over them and laughing hysterically. I mean, that pretty much sums up the holidays and family get togethers right?

Kissing under the mistletoe?  Who do you hope is standing underneath (We know it’s normally your spouse, if it did not have to be, who would you choose?)

Kelly Slater – obviously. Or maybe Justin Timberlake.

Kelly Slater QuikPro New York

Swans a swimming, lords a leaping, golden rings; which gift of the 12 days of Christmas would you like most?

I’d take the pear tree. Just the pear tree.

Play Secret Santa, what inappropriate gift would you love to give this year?

Oh, I would never give an inappropriate gift…

Martha Stewart or the Grinch? What is your decorating style? (Pictures would be awesome!)

I didn’t use to be the type to decorate my house for the holidays aside from a Christmas tree and stockings. That all changed with having kids who are SO EXCITED to decorate the house. I’ve let go of need to keep things strictly Martha Stewart-y and I let the kids put out all the tchotchkes.

 Christmas tree decorations

What is ONE WORD that defines the holiday season for you? (Examples: Believe/Wonder/Bah Humbug?)

Magic. My kids have made me believe in the magic of the season again.

If Santa could assure its delivery, what’s the first thing on your holiday wish LIST?

One thing? A return trip to Costa Rica? Or maybe Hawaii?

What about you? Answer one or answer all the questions and play along!


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  1. says

    Love Old School Blogging! I think I’ll have to join the holiday cheer this month. That first picture of you getting your yoga on in front of the tree is beautiful. And I love the paper chains on the tree. I need to make those with my 4 y/o. She’s into anything and everything that involves paper, scissors, and glue/tape, so that would be right up her alley. And who wouldn’t want to find JT under the mistletoe?!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Walking in a Winter Wonderland: Ideas for Winter PlayMy Profile

  2. says

    I wanna go to Costa Rica too! I know so many people who have gone and loved it.

    I really love the paper chain on your tree. My kids and I need to make some of those for their Christmas trees in their rooms, so cute!

    And yes, mint chocolate chip is SO good!

    Thanks for linking up, girl! Merry Christmas!
    Elaine A. recently posted..Snowy WishesMy Profile

  3. says

    Fun! I love that seen with SJP, too. Great movie. And we are so grinch here when it comes to decorating–I should take the lead and do better, but it’s just not me. I love your pear tree idea. Kelly Slater? Also a good idea!

    Last night was my son’s band concert where they played a mix of Christmas and Hanukkah songs. After I was telling him how much I really love the traditional Jewish music–it’s so soulful, I guess. Anyhow, he laughed b/c as he reminded me, I really don’t like Christmas music. Maybe I was born to the wrong religion?
    misszippy recently posted..The (running) ghosts of ChristmasMy Profile

  4. says

    I love Old School Blogging! And I love The Family Stone. I was just talking about it the other day. My husband and I saw on one of those dates when you see whatever movie is playing during the time that the babysitter is available. We had no idea what we were getting into. A real tear jerker but a great movie too !
    Stacey recently posted..Old School Blogging: Holiday EditionMy Profile

  5. says

    Oh, those paper chains on your tree bring back my own childhood memories! I think I made those and popcorn and cranberry garlands every year — or maybe it just took a really long time one year! 😉
    Coco (@Got2Run4Me) recently posted..SurprisesMy Profile


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