October #YogaADay Photo Challenge


#YogaADay Days 1-9

#YogaADay Days 10-18

#YogaADay Days 10-18

#YogaADay Days 19-27

#YogaADay Days 19-27

#YogaADay Days 28-31

#YogaADay Days 28-31. These might be my favorite images from the series.


For 31 days in October, I participated in Grow Soul Beautiful’s Instagram Yoga Challenge. I first heard about the challenge at Fitbloggin’ when Grow Soul Beautiful set up a yoga photo booth at the conference. It seemed like a fun idea and thought that I would play along.

I didn’t expect to love the challenge as much as I did. It pushed me to embrace certain poses or asanas that, frankly, I don’t really love – like Camel pose and Wide Angle Forward Bend. But doing Camel on the beach in St. Kitts made it a wee bit more pleasant. I also loved the challenge of coming up with interesting photos each day (thank goodness for auto-timers!!)

This was also the first time that I’ve ever seen myself practicing yoga. At first, it was a little odd to see myself in various poses as they didn’t always reflect what I envisioned in my mind. While seeing photos or video of yourself can be a powerful tool for coaching since you can pinpoint specific things to work on and improve, I started to become critical of myself – my hips are uneven or should be squared off a bit more, my hearts not open enough, my shoulders are tense.

As the days passed, the internal chatter slowly started to quiet. From the month of yoga, I took away one important lesson – I began to have fewer expectations about what a pose should be like and not to judge experiences before they happen.

The yoga community on Instagram is incredibly supportive. So many joined in on the challenge that Grow Soul Beautiful is continuing the yoga Instagram challenge into November.

I think that the last group of four photos, along with Triangle Pose (Day 5), are my favorites from the series. What’s your favorite?



  1. says

    Such a wonderful post! I love what you have written & how using yoga+photography has given you a new appreciation. One of the many reasons I love pairing them together.

    You are up in NY, no? Survive the storm ok? I’m headed up there for the marathon this evening- going to be an adventure!

    Be sure to enter the contest on our blog to win a yoga prize pack.
    Grow Soul Beautiful recently posted..Virtual Curve Fest with Curvy YogaMy Profile

    • admin says

      Thank you for creating such an awesome little oasis out there through this challenge. I am up in NYC and we are all fine. Thank you for asking. Are you running the marathon or spectating? I’ve been torn about the marathon but now that they’ve made the decision, I really hope that it’s a good experience for people. Good luck and safe travels!

    • admin says

      It was fun to be able to do some of these poses while traveling. Much more interesting background than my living room!!


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