All-night Walk Under the Moonlight


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walk the Walk America. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

moonwalk nyc

Saturday evening started off much like every other evening – dinner, bath and TV for the kids before winding them down for bedtime with a book or two. However, instead of changing into my pajamas and relaxing for the rest of the evening, Ed and I got ready to walk 13.1 miles overnight as part of the inaugural MoonWalk NYC in support of Walk the Walk America and Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Breast Examination Center in Harlem.

We were among approximately 1,500 people who came out to walk all night – either a half-marathon (13.1 miles) or a full marathon distance (26.2 miles) across Manhattan. We all came together to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. It was an incredible evening and event, definitely a unique experience.

The Bras

From the Statue of Liberty bras to super heroes costumes to bras decorated with blinking lights, the bras and outfits were amazing. You could tell that there was a lot of thought and care that went into creating the perfect MoonWalk outfit. I kind of felt like a slacker with my DIY bra!

MoonWalk NYC Decorated Bras

Pre-Event Festivities

We drove to Randall’s Island where the event started and arrived with plenty of time to enjoy the festivities. There was a large tent set up with music, entertainment, booths featuring sponsors such as Maidenform, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Crunch, KIND and others.

They served snacks and a pre-event dinner. One of the coolest acts was an extreme pogo team Xpogo – as in pogo sticks. These three men – decked out in super sparkly bras – bounced sky high and performs crazy flips, turns and jumps.

MoonWalk NYC pre-event

Brandi Chastain, retired U.S. professional soccer star who famously scored the game-winning penalty kick in the 1999 World Cup and then took off her shirt to her sports bra, spoke and shared why breast cancer is an issue close to her hear. She then recreated her infamous moment and took off her shirt to reveal her red, white and blue decorated bra and encouraged those who were still donning a t-shirt to do the same.

moonwalk nyc brandi chastain

Ed and I sat around on the astroturf field outside of the tent, just hanging out until the tent started at 10:30pm. As we were waiting, I had some nervous energy to burn off and I had a sudden urge to try to do a handstand. So I did.

Normally, I will only attempt a handstand or an inversion if I have the safety of a wall behind me. But you know what happened? I stuck a handstand without a wall for the first time. It’s still a huge work in progress for me but I wasn’t scared. I’m not scared of inversions anymore.

Moonwalk NYC handstand

Moonwalk nyc picture

The Walk

Pretty soon, it was time for the walk to officially start. The route would take us around Randall’s Island, across a footbridge to Manhattan and then down south along the East River path. For the half-marathon route, we made our way west across 57th Street all the way to West End Avenue. We then walked north along Riverside Park until 110th Street where we made our way east and back towards Randall’s Island.

moonwalk nyc half moon route

A marching band warmed up the crowd and we counted down to the official start. It was inspiring to see this huge wave of women and men flood across the starting line. Everyone couldn’t wait to get the walk started.

MoonWalk NYC starting line

It was a beautiful and clear evening. Slightly cooler than it had been the past couple of days although still slightly humid. We got to visit parts of the city that we have never been to and we walked through  neighborhoods that we haven’t visited in a long time. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be able to do an all-night walk and see the city at a time that I’m usually asleep.

As we walked along the East River, cars honked at us, surely amused by the sight of a thousand plus women and men walking in decorated bras late at night. As we walked along the sidewalks into more populated sections of the city, we got a few looks and questions about what we were doing. There were also a good number of people who simply ignored us, as if seeing people walking around in their bras is an every evening experience.

moonwalk nyc randalls island bridge

View toward Manhattan and the footbridge connecting Manhattan and Randall’s Island.

moonwalk nyc east river walk

Walking along the East River

Even though I took a nap or two in the afternoon, I was still pretty tired during the event. And walking? Walking is tough! I think that I underestimated the training and endurance needed for the event. I assumed that I would be OK since I ran. And I was…mostly. I’m pretty sore and tired today.

However, this medal was worth it. The experience was worth it. The cause was most definitely worth it.

moonwalk nyc medal

Have you ever walked a marathon or half marathon? Are you a night owl?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walk the Walk America. I received one complimentary entry for the event and compensation. I paid for my husband’s entry fee. We also raised money for the event and met more than the minimum fundraising requirements. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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  1. says

    Your homemade bra was awesome! Somehow I didn’t realize this was a Half until I saw some tweets about it Saturday night. That is a long way to walk. Love the image of some people trying to pretend the whole sight was just a normal night in the Big City!
    Coco recently posted..A Peek Inside My PurseMy Profile

  2. says

    I’ve done AidsWalk but I didn’t so much walk it as volunteer for it in Central Park. I gave out water and snacks like the best of them. I love the idea of this – moonlight walking around a magical urban area. I live in the woods, as you know. Also the heat generally breaks by then and to have a clear evening. The best! The googly eyed bra cracked me up.
    Tamara recently posted..Vertigo.My Profile

    • says

      OMG I really wanted to steal the googly eyed bra. Loved it so much. Wish I was that creative. Magical is a great way to describe it. There were parts of the walk that were so quiet and secluded that it didn’t feel like we were in NYC. Such a different experience at night than during the day.
      Christine Yu recently posted..All-night Walk Under the MoonlightMy Profile

  3. says

    This looks so fun!!! Since my chickies have me up and at it so early in the morning, I am so not a night owl! Even before kids I was more of a morning person. Love your DIY bra!!!

  4. says

    I did the Komen 3Day during Halloween, 2010. It’s 20 miles a day for 3 days – you raise money, join a team, sleep in a tent, etc. It was actually a lot of work and the walking was brutal. More so on blisters than anything else. I was also about 5 weeks pregnant when the walk finally came around. I loved it for what it taught me about hydration and nutrition before, during and after exercise. And, of course, it is a great cause. NY at night sounds so much nicer than Tampa during traffic… Congrats!
    Amy @ Mommy Rodeo recently posted..Mommy Fail Friday #2My Profile

    • says

      It was a lot of work, much more than I expected. I was really surprised that my feet started feeling sore and like I might be getting a blister pretty early on, maybe mile 4? I’ve heard amazing things about the Komen 3 Day walk and so incredible that you got to do that. I’m not sure I would have made it when I was pregnant. All I wanted to do was sleep in those early weeks!
      Christine Yu recently posted..All-night Walk Under the MoonlightMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Kelly. I was pretty self-conscious at first but it felt kind of comforting being there and everyone was walking around in a bra. Some had done some creative things to cover their stomachs while others did where a tank top or tshirt under their bra. I kind of forgot about it once we started walking and it was HOT! The event was pretty inspirational and I loved the idea behind it.
      Christine Yu recently posted..Like Mother, Like SonMy Profile

  5. says

    I’m feeling what you say about walking being so different from running. I get sore too from long walks! This sounds like such a fabulous event and for such a good cause. And I love how you look in your sparkly bra!
    Ilene recently posted..Must Love DogsMy Profile

    • says

      Thank you Elle! It was the first time that they’ve done it in the U.S. The MoonWalk originated in London and they do it in London, Scotland, Iceland and a couple of other place I think. They’re planning on doing it in NYC again next year!
      Christine Yu recently posted..Like Mother, Like SonMy Profile

  6. says

    That looks like it was amazing! It’s funny because when I read you were going to WALK a half-marahton I thought “that is going to be tough for a runner!” I only learned this when I was pregnant with the twins and had to stop running (after three months!) and start walking!! Five miles is a heck of a lot longer when you’re not going 7:30 a clip!!
    Good for you!! Thanks for sharing the amazing pics!!
    Allie Burdick recently posted..SPA by DEXTERMy Profile

  7. says

    I wish I knew about this earlier because it is something I totally would’ve wanted to do. There’s always next year! congrats on sticking your first handstand! And I love the comment you made about the passerbys acting like 1000s of people in bras was totally normal. Got to love NYC!
    Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life recently posted..Blue Mountain Spartan SprintMy Profile


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