Memories Captured: The Run

Prospect Park - Fall

I’ve missed you Prospect Park.


I was planning on posting something about my kids – some cute thing that I’ve done this month like how they set up a farmers market in our apartment or the debate they had on election night about who to vote for or the books that Jasper has authored (as he likes to say) in his writing workshop in Kindergarten. Linking up with Alison and Galit each month for Memories Captured gives me with the opportunity to stop, sit back and capture these sweet moments.

But, I’ve decided to be a little selfish this month and capture a moment for myself.

Yesterday, I ran outside for 5 brilliant miles in Prospect Park.

It has been 9 months since I last ran outside.

It has been 7+ months since my second ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair.

It may not have been the smartest decision since my tonsils and throat are still a bit swollen and sore but I couldn’t resist. It was a gorgeous afternoon – around 60 degrees (Wait, what hurricane and Nor’easter?)

But, it felt amazing and easy and effortless. As soon as I entered Prospect Park, I took a deep breathe and exhaled. I missed this. Deep down, I missed this.

I kept reminding myself to take it slow and not to push too hard. After all, up until yesterday, I was running very conservatively on the treadmill. There’s one hill towards the end of my run and usually I have to psyche myself up to get up the hill. Yesterday, I was at the top of the hill before I knew it.

As I ran, I kept thinking about Jess and her mantra to run simply – to run because I can and I’m able. I didn’t care about my pace or my mileage. All I wanted to do was run as fast and as long as my legs would take me. The phrase “I get to” kept running through my head, echoing Laura’s reminder that “I don’t have to – I get to” run. It’s a privilege that I’m forever grateful for.

So I just ran – from my heart and with my heart carrying my legs and placing one foot in front of the other.


Run With Your Heart


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    • admin says

      Thank you Alison! And as always, thanks to you and Galit for providing this lovely space every month to slow down and savor these moments.

    • admin says

      It’s not a nice hill. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I have a few mental markers that I use to get me up the hill but honestly, I kind of just zoomed right on up. Best feeling ever.

  1. says

    Although I am not a runner, I could feel your exhilaration as you ran through that park. Congrats on getting better and getting back out! I love the idea of I don’t have to, but I get to. What a beautifully gratitude inducing thought!
    Kim recently posted..If you give a child a choiceMy Profile

    • admin says

      Thanks Kim. Isn’t the idea of “I get to” such great perspective? I’ve been saying that to myself more and more and it completely changes my attitude.

    • admin says

      Thank you my friend. I’m glad that I can share it with you all. Honestly, if it weren’t for Memories Captured, I don’t know if I would have written about it or if I would have just tucked it away somewhere. So glad that I did write about it.

    • admin says

      Thank you Amanda! I kept waiting for the pain and soreness to set it but it never did. I told my husband that it felt like I was coming home when I entered into the park and just took everything in. I just have to remember to still be mindful of my recovery and to listen to my body.

  2. says

    I know that feeling. The first run after my back problems I was crying while I was running b/c I was so happy. You don’t realize how much you miss it – the smells, the sights, the feeling of the fresh air hitting your face…until you are back out there again. SO SO SO happy that you did 5 miles – amazing!!!!!!
    PS. I love your sons – they are too adorable =)
    Michele @ Nycrunningmama recently posted..Race for Recovery 5k/10kMy Profile

    • admin says

      Seriously, it was crazy. I didn’t expect to be emotional about it but I totally was. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it around the loop and figured that I would just walk if I needed to. I kept waiting for my knee to start bothering me or to be tired or something but that feeling never came. It sure would be nice if every run felt like that!!

      PS I love YOUR sons. They are the cutest. Mine are just crazy.

    • admin says

      It was totally more a mental relief than anything. I was a little worried about getting back to running outside – definitely questioning whether or not I would be able. But I’m glad that it’s now behind me and that I had a good run. I hope the next one is good too!!

    • admin says

      Thanks Angela. That run definitely reaffirmed that I do indeed love running, as much as I may deny it at times. It seriously was just right.

    • admin says

      Thank you Amanda! I know that you understand this all too well. I just kept thinking how grateful I am that I can do this.

  3. says

    Wow that sounds amazing! I’m so glad you were able to get back to what you love doing…my husband has had 3 knee surgeries (ACL the cause of it as well) so I totally get this.

    • admin says

      ohmygosh 3 ACL surgeries??! I sincerely hope that this ACL and I get along for many years to come. I’m not sure I would have it in me for another surgery.

  4. says

    There is nothing like that first, pain free and relatively easy run after time off. I mean, I haven’t ever experienced a length of time you have.. so I can’t even imagine the anticipation!!!!

    So great to see you got back out there. You’ll be back at it regularly, soon, i know it! :)
    Charlotte recently posted..Life Is About The JourneyMy Profile

    • admin says

      It’s funny but because it had been so long, I has stopped anticipating it and figured that running might not come back to me for a while. I guess that’s also what made the run so much better – because I wasn’t anticipating it and wasn’t expecting it, if that makes sense.

  5. says

    Beautiful post! I know that feeling so well- the deep breath, the gift of an effortless run, getting back outside and coming back from injury… I’m so glad you’re coming back! And yes, “get to”- glad that was meaningful for you. I try to remind myself daily what a blessing a healthy body and good run are. Thanks for the shout out. :)
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..One year of blogging!My Profile

    • admin says

      Thank you Laura and thank you for the inspiration too. I so wasn’t expecting it to be effortless and as soon as a little bit of doubt started to creep into my head, I kept reminding myself that “I get to.” It is a blessing and a gift.

    • admin says

      Thank you!! Aren’t those mantras great? They seriously resonate with me right now. And that run? It did feel pretty incredible.

  6. says

    I used to take running for granted so this is a good reminder. I have issues with my Achilles on my right foot and have been on the sidelines for several months now. You give me hope that I will run again. So glad you had such a good run and that you share this with us about YOU. :)

    • admin says

      Thank you Elaine! It’s been a long and sometimes frustrating road but grateful to be where I am now. And I have no doubt that you will get there too. I hope that your Achilles heals soon!

    • admin says

      Thanks Kate! It is an incredibly freeing moment to be able to go for a ride or run without the kids and just move, isn’t it?

  7. Ellie says

    Thanks for this! My husband just came across it. I am one week post 2nd ACL and meniscus repairs and mentally struggling already. I put off surgery because I didn’t want to give up running. Now I know my future looks a little brighter!

    • says

      I’m so glad that your husband came across this and that this helps a little. That first week post surgery is really really rough. I had a really hard time with it but I think that having so much to look forward to like getting back to running and being active really helped me keep my focus on the day-to-day and the progress I was making. As you know, 2nd ACL/meniscus repairs can take longer to heal and to really set so as much as we want to get back at it, be mindful and don’t push too hard too fast (which is what I did). I know how hard it can be so definitely feel free to reach out any time!

      But I am back to doing most things that I love, some that I can’t but that’s OK. I’m grateful to be active. I have a bunch of posts about my injury and rehab :-)
      Christine recently posted..Memories Captured: Brothers Part 2My Profile

  8. says

    It’s not selfish at all. I enjoyed your post. I remember when I was training for the NYC Marathon (this was a VERY long time ago, pre-kids) and I got injured on an 18 mile run. My knee just totally gave out, about 3 miles from home. Fortunately for me someone was in their yard and let me use their phone to call home, but I couldn’t run for 6 months after that. I was so happy when I could run again.
    Michelle recently posted..Get Ready for Summer with Keurig and Brew Over IceMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Michelle and yikes! It’s scary when something like that happens to you and you’re far from home. When my knee gave out on me (leading to the surgery), I was at a track about a mile and a half from home. Thank GOD I had my phone with me so that I could call my husband to pick me up. I think it’s because of that that I always run with my phone now.
      Christine recently posted..Old School BloggingMy Profile


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