Memories Captured: Kindergarten

Ready for Kindergarten


Last Thursday was bittersweet. On the one hand, I knew that you were ready – ready to move on to a new school, ready for new challenges, ready to be a big kid. On the other hand, you love your preschool, your teachers and your friends. Walking to school on the final days, I would catch you singing a little song to yourself about how you were sad and how you were going to miss your friends and teachers. That broke my heart.

We talked about your new school over the summer. We talked about how it would be different. You made a card and drew a picture for your new teacher.

On the morning of the first day of school, you woke up excited. We picked out a nice shirt for you to wear – but not a picture day shirt you insisted (i.e. polo shirt). We packed your new lunch bag and backpack, and took some pictures with Everett. We discussed what time we needed to leave the house in order to get to school at 8:50am on the dot.

After Everett left for school, I found you lying in your bed having a conversation with Bunny and Baby Bunny. Baby Bunny had been your companion every day at preschool and you were telling him that he would have to stay home. You looked at me and said, “Mommy, I’m really excited about school but I’m also nervous.” My heart swelled and I told you that that was OK and that it was normal to feel that way.

You took my hand and we walked to the door. As we stepped onto the elevator, I started getting sad. Usually, I don’t get emotional at times like these but I did this time. Maybe it’s because I knew that you were ready, to be a Kindergartener.

When I came back to pick you up, your teacher opened the door and I saw that you and your classmates were sitting on the rug, your little heads peaking up above the bookshelf. All I saw was a huge, sparkling smile on your face. You ran out the door and said, “Mommy, I love Kindergarten.”

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    • admin says

      It is so super cute when they sing songs to themselves! He caught me watching him and he got a little embarrassed but it was the sweetest thing. I too am so glad he loves it!

    • admin says

      Thanks Jess! He totally amazes me and surprises me sometimes. I’m not sure where he came from but he’s the sweetest thing – most of the time!

  1. says

    That first day of kindergarten is so special! In my town, there is one central kindergarten and then the kids split up for 1 – 4 primary schools so I had another new beginning with my son AGAIN this year for first grade. His first day reminds me a lot of what you wrote about! What a beautiful memory captured!
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    • admin says

      Oh no! I can’t imagine having to do the first day at a new school again! It was really special and he knew that it was a big deal and I think that he felt proud of himself. It’s been pretty sweet.

    • admin says

      We were all happy to come home and find that Baby Bunny had survived the day OK. I do think that he more fun at home than at school since he had Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and an assortment of other “friends” to play with!

    • admin says

      I agree – I too would like to freeze time when they are being super cute and sweet. I don’t know what it was about him starting Kindergarten but it made me realize all the more how quickly this time will pass.

    • admin says

      Jasper’s conversation with Baby Bunny killed me. It was the cutest, sweetest thing ever. I know that he was doing it to reassure himself but his heart is so full of love sometimes which is such a stark contrast from his curmudgeon of a little brother :-)

    • admin says

      Awww! I love that – when the older one tries to reassure the younger one and tells them, “it’s OK.” I actually surprised because I think that Everett is a little sad that he and Jasper at at the same school this year. They used to see each other during recess sometimes and one or both of them would report back that they saw each other at school.

    • admin says

      Thanks Michele! I had no idea that this post was going to make people cry! You are absolutely right – the innocence of our kids is pretty damn incredible. We had a good weekend and I hope you did too!

    • admin says

      Me too! I literally stopped in my tracks when I overheard him talking to Baby Bunny. He’s been most concerned about Baby Bunny all summer.

    • admin says

      It’s pretty amazing to watch them become more and more independent. I was so amazed when he was little and started becoming more autonomous but it’s a completely different story watching them function and real little people.

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