Memories Captured: 3 years old

There has been a bit of memory capturing going on here lately – trying to slow down and embrace the summer memories that we are creating. But there’s one thing in particular that I wanted to capture.

You turn three years old this week. Has it been three years already? The years seem to have moved much faster with you, the second and youngest child. I blinked and looked and you are this precocious little big boy – not a toddler as you like to point out.

Sometimes, I’m sad that you’ve inherited my temper and grumpiness but there is a part of me that loves your fire and conviction. You’re fearless in that way. I like to describe you as my little bulldog because you have the tendency to dig in your heels and fiercely protect your ground, all while looking super cute and smushy. Frankly, all I want to do is smush your cheeks. That is probably my downfall because I will let you get away with so many things because you look so cute! But you also have a silly, smart-ass side – you know exactly how to play something to perfect comic pitch.

You still clutch your bag of tricks wherever you go although your bags and treasure boxes seem to have grown exponentially. You can spend hours transferring your assortment of guitar picks, beads, rocks, silly bandz, jewels, pennies, etc. from bag to treasure box to an old Sucrets box to plastic container to ziplock and back again. You also have a ridiculous assortment of stuffed animal friends that have taken up residence in your bed. I have no idea how you manage to sleep there every night.

Happy Birthday. I can’t wait for my next big koala bear hug from you.

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    • admin says

      Thank you Alison (and Galit) for hosting such a lovely party each month. I definitely look forward to it and the space it provides. The cheeks are just ridiculous. How could you not smush them!

    • admin says

      Thank you so much. It is a crazy mile marker and it makes me want to pull the plug and make everything slow down, at least for a little bit.

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    Oh,I just want to smush those cheeks too! My son, who is now almost 7, still has his bags of tricks and mountains of stuffed animals. His love spills over to every McDonalds Happy Meal Action Figure (please don’t tell ANYONE that I let my kids have Happy Meals – that is so unlike me!!!) and stuffed puppy and real life friend. It’s a wonderful way to live. Happy birthday to your most adorable son!
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    • admin says

      hahaha! I love that you take your kids to McDonalds. We do too – for french fries and ice cream cones. But I like how you describe it – they have so much love that it spills over to every stuffed animal and real life friend tho’ less real life friend spillage for my son. He’s a curmudgeon through and through…mostly.

    • admin says

      Aww, thank you! The cheeks really can be too much sometimes. I just look at him and I want to squeeze him to pieces. I keep asking if I can have a bite of his cheeks but he won’t allow me. Shame really.

    • admin says

      Thanks Michele! We had his birthday party about a week ago which was a lot of fun. He’s obsessed with dinosaurs right now so it was dinosaur everything. I hope that the kids will want to read some of these posts when they’re older. Can you believe that AJ will be this big soon too?

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      I know. It shocks me sometimes. I’ll look at him or his older brother and just be amazed at how big and grown up they are. And that I can have real conversations with them.

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    Oh, I want a koala bear hug from him too! I’m also certain that he would get away with anything in my house too with those cute cheeks!!
    Three is a great year with your second one. Enjoy and capture every memory that you can!
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    • admin says

      The koala hugs are my favorite but I have to specifically ask for them and he is quite stingy about giving them out. I’m really excited about this year with both boys. I feel like we’re starting to emerge from the woods.

    • admin says

      Yes, I think you are right. I kind of love seeing the fire in his belly – and it’s such a round little belly too! :-)

    • admin says

      Happy belated birthday to your little guy! I love the idea of giving our kids digital cameras and seeing what they capture. That’s fantastic. I might have to borrow that idea.

    • admin says

      Seriously, I have no idea how in the world he sleeps with all those friends in his bed plus clutching something in his hand. Although, every night, he does kick out Donald Duck. I’m not sure why Donald but he’s very adamant about that one. LOL.

    • admin says

      Thank you! We have been having a fun summer. I feel like he’s really come into his own these last few months and his personality is shining through.

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