Injury Update – Progress!

One of the challenges was to post a photo after completing a mile run. Well, since I can’t run, I choose to walk a mile on the treadmill.

A week or so ago, I mentioned that I entered Under Armour Women’s What’s Beautiful Competition and I realized that I haven’t given you all an update since then! It’s almost the end of Week 3 of the 9 week competition and I’ve completed 8 of the 19 challenges. Of course, it’s not just about completing the challenges as quickly as you can. It’s about going above and beyond what Under Armour has asked of you and proving to them that you want it more than anyone else and that you’re a leader.

The challenges have been pretty fun. Some of them have and/or will require some creativity on my part since I haven’t been cleared for all activities yet. For example, today I decided to tackle the “Back to School” challenge where you had to post a video of yourself jumping rope. I went downstairs to the gym, grabbed the jump rope and started going on my one good leg. I managed 100 and my left calf was burning. I later learned that my video made the top news feed on the What’s Beautiful site where they highlight some of the top stories that have been posted. I was so stoked!

On my page on the What’s Beautiful site, I’ve posted a couple of vlogs to provide a quick update on where I am in my rehab and how things are going. I wanted to share it here with you too!

All in all, after a setback and bit of frustration last week, things are much better now. Physical therapy is starting to be fun. As you see in the video, I’m starting to do more dynamic moves and to prepare my body to start running again. The best part is that I’ve been doing a lot of balance exercises using a balance board, Bosu and a Fitter (kind of like an unstable slide board) – I kind of feel like a kid during recess! Actually, what I like most about it is that a lot of the movements mimic surfing and skiing. So, not only am I rehabbing my knee but I’m also getting some dryland surf training in. Score!

Lastly, most of you know that I’m a Fitfluential Ambassador. Fitfluential in an incredible community of fitness fanatics that I’m proud to be a part of. The support and encouragement that I’ve received from this community in the month since I’ve joined has been unreal. No way would I have signed up for this Under Armour competition if I didn’t have my fellow Fitfluential family encouraging me. Not only that, but I was able to attend the FITNESS Magazine event last week and there are many potential opportunities in the future.

If you are a blogger, you should apply to be part of the network. Even if you’re not a blogger but a fitness enthusiast, you can apply to be part of the network too. Do it!


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    It amazes me the older I get the more I NEEEEED my bosu and balace work.

    Thank goodess for the support of our FF Family huh?

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      Thank you! The UA Campaign has been a lot of fun. It’s definitely keeping me more accountable and I like the challenge of the more creative challenges.

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    Love doing balance work on the Bosu! Glad to hear rehab is going well for you. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel makes a huge difference.

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      Congrats to you!! That’s a great accomplishment so far. I’ve found the fitness community online to be incredibly dynamic and supportive and super motivating. There are so many folks at different stages who are all sharing their stories and looking to support each other. Fitfluential is an incredible network of folks, beyond anything that I could have imagined and I hope you take a look at the website. Thank you for stopping by!

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      Thank you!! The hard part for me right now is not pushing too hard and holding myself back a little. I know I still have a long way to go but now that I’m feeling a little better, I just want to jump right back into running, etc.

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    Love your video update and the progress you are making! I think this Under Armour challenge is a great thing for you to focus on as you are recovering! You are doing so great!! and you look so cute in your pic on the treadmill!

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      Thank you!! The UA Challenge has been really great and keeping me focused. It’s been good for me because I’m not just thinking about how PT sucks, etc. but there’s an end goal.

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    I got the chills reading this! I am so behind you on this! I really think you deserve it. You encourage me to get off my bum and not let this fear that my vertigo is going to pop up hold me back anymore. I have been sedintary for way too long!

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      Thank you friend! I love hearing that this is encouraging to you. I think that it is about not letting your fear get the better of you but also taking small steps too. Progress is progress, right?

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