How Content Brew saved my blog

How Content Brew Saved My Blog

UPDATE August 5, 2013: Content Brew is now offered as a self-paced course. 

Back in October, I signed up for an e-course led by Melissa from Momcomm (now Blog Clarity). Melissa is someone that I followed on Twitter. I knew that she knew a lot about social media and did great blog critiques. I had also heard that her course Content Brew – a week-long e-course that helps you plan and create fresh content for your Blog, Facebook page and Twitter – got rave reviews.

You see, I knew that I could be more efficient and organized with my blogging. I would have random text files all over my desktop and scraps of paper around the house with ideas for posts, articles and research for future posts, and other resources to look into. At times, I would also struggle late at night to come up with an idea for a post. I didn’t have a plan in place and I needed a something to keep me organized.

I am not joking when I say that Content Brew completely changed the way that I think about blogging and creating content. Instead of feeling like a slave to my blog, I finished the course feeling empowered.

 Content Brew notes

6 ways Content Brew saved my blog

One of the biggest benefits I got from Content Brew was that it helped me focus on my blog. Instead of writing about everything under the sun, Melissa helped me crystallize the main topics on my blog through a variety of brainstorming exercises. Not only that, in the course of a day, I came up with a long list of things to write about.

Editorial Calendar
With that list of ideas, I was able to plan out my blog’s content for A WHOLE QUARTER. That’s right – three months of blog posts. Of course, things would come up and I would end up writing about something else but I had the comfort of knowing that I always had something to write about. And with a spiffy new editorial calendar, I was able to see how my topics were spread out over the course of a week to a month and make sure that I was spacing out the topics that I wrote about.

It’s not just about the blog
The course also focuses on planning content for Facebook and Twitter. At the time, I had recently started my Facebook page and had no idea what kind of content to share there or how to garner the type of interaction that would help make my page successful. Even though Facebook seems intent of thwarting the efforts of Facebook pages to be seen and shared, I’ve learned some valuable strategies. I didn’t gain as much in terms of improving how I use Twitter since I felt very comfortable there but I have changed some things about how I use Twitter as a result of the course.

Organization system
Remember those bajillion text files and scraps of paper floating around? No more. With the tools from Content Brew, I’ve developed a system to help me stay organized, to remember blog post ideas, to save articles that I’ve come across and to keep me on top of things. It’s helped me be more efficient.

Support group
Honestly, this was one of the best parts. Melissa set up a private Facebook group. There were some really smart people in my session and a lot of interaction. Not only about our homework assignment, but also general questions about blogging and content. In fact, we have created our own group since the course has ended and continue to bounce ideas off each other and support each other.

Seriously, she is the reason to enroll in Content Brew. She’s such a huge resource on everything and anything blog or social media related topics. You have a question and within a few minutes she’s emailing you a link to an article she wrote or another great resource. HUGE. Like I said, this February course is the only course she will lead this year.

I’m not going to lie. It was a lot of work and exhausting at times since Content Brew is only one week. I wish I had more time or that the course was stretched out over two weeks. At times, I felt rushed and that I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to devote to the topics and exercises. It was easy to feel overwhelmed at times.

If you couldn’t tell, I highly recommend the course for new and advanced bloggers, although you’d probably get the most out of the course if you’ve been blogging for at least a few months. If you’re not convinced yet, here are some more reasons and reviews of the Content Brew.

UPDATE August 5, 2013

Content Brew is now being offered as a self-paced course for $59. This gets you lifetime access to the lessons.

Students can take the lessons at their own pace. Work through them fast, slow or anywhere in between. Students have access to a private Facebook group where they can ask questions & get feedback from other students. Each lesson includes answers to questions frequently asked in the instructor-led sessions.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the course.

Do you have a content strategy for your blog?


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    • admin says

      I know that after this session, she’s going to relaunch the course as a self-paced course so you can work on it on your own time. Something to think about for the future.

    • admin says

      You are too sweet. I think more than anything, the biggest thing I gained was a sense of organization and a system to be able to deal with all the stuff that floats in and out of my head all day!! I’m a little Type A, remember? 😉

    • admin says

      I did get a lot out of it. More than anything, it’s been helpful to gain a system to organize everything and to think a bit smarter about content creation and sharing content. It’s helped me be a bit more efficient with my time which I definitely needed! Melissa is a wealth of information too.

    • admin says

      Yes! A whole freaking quarter. I didn’t always write adhere to the calendar but it was such a huge comfort knowing that there were topics there.

  1. says

    Wow, that sounds so helpful! I’ve been getting a lot better about planning out some general ideas for the month, and then mixing it up as other things come up. I could definitely use the FB help, I don’t do a whole lot over there… thanks for this great review!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Marathon Recovery RecapMy Profile

  2. says

    I really need content brew! Some kind of system to keep me organized. I used to do a great job of lining up posts in advance but was never good at lining up social media. I still struggle with it. This is a definite possibility for me!
    ilene recently posted..It’s ComplicatedMy Profile

  3. says

    I’ve never heard of Content Brew before. It’s amazing how my blog has morphed over the last couple of years. I’d definitely be interested in figuring out how to fit more Twitter and Facebook involvement into my blog. It’s especially difficult, because I’m not able to be on those sites until late in the evening, which is not when a lot of people are chatting. Thanks for the heads up, I’m gonna head over and check it out!
    Leslie recently posted..{Product Watch} Full Tilt BreweryMy Profile

    • admin says

      Content Brew definitely helped me figure out how to better integrate Twitter and FB and also gave me some tools to be more productive and efficient. Most importantly, thinking about scheduling some posts if I couldn’t be on when most people were on FB chatting. Hope that helps!

  4. says

    This class sounds amazing! Right now, I have a few pages at the back of my planner that I write down blog ideas. That’s about it. I never really know when or what I’m going to post. Pretty sad. This class sounds like it would be so motivating and fun! As soon as school is over in August, I’m all over it! :)
    katie recently posted..Introducing…Featured Blogger ProgramMy Profile

    • admin says

      I really enjoyed the course. Definitely check it out if not for this go around, maybe at some other point. Melissa is going to make the course self-paced so you could do it anytime!

  5. says

    HA! I need a way to organize and plan my blog! I feel like I’m running by the seat of my pants. Also, I write about myself all.the.time. How narcissistic! I want to start offering more helpful content, but I want it to be legit and helpful. Sigh.
    Becky @ RunFunDone recently posted..Diet PracticeMy Profile

  6. says

    So, I read your blog pretty regularly but I’ve took an Internet vacation. I was frustrated with my blog – seemed like a personal diary rather than any form. I know I can get organized, it’s just finding time, strategy, etc. Anyway, first time back reading blogs and I fell on your blog and this posting. What are the chances? I just signed up and am ready to go. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Amy recently posted..English as a first language…My Profile


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