High Five Friday: Endless Summer

Happy Friday!

I kind of feel like I clawed my way to the end of this week. By Thursday morning, I kind of gave up. I taught an early morning yoga class and then decided to go surfing with my husband and a friend and play hooky.

On the ride out to Rockaway, I wasn’t sure if I’d actually surf. It was chilly and windy and I was tired. The last time that I surfed was back in April in Costa Rica and, well, I was somewhat disappointed with myself and my surfing during that trip so I think that I was a little nervous/anxious.

But as we drove up to the beach, I realized that it didn’t really matter. While I wasn’t expecting much, it turned out to be a lot of fun and caught a bunch of fun waves. I think that I needed those hours away from my phone and computer and to just play.

But can I tell you how exhausting surfing is? I’ve forgotten about that part.

I’m longing for an endless summer.

high five friday


Five Photos {PS are you following me on Instagram? Please do!}

  1. SURF! So nice to be in the water.
  2. Beach Walk in Fort Tilden. Fort Tilden used to be a U.S. Army Artillery Post that protected New York Harbor. It’s located near Breezy Point and the Rockaways. There’s a really cool art exhibit there now in collaboration with MoMA PS 1 and Rockaway Artists Alliance to celebrate the reopening of Fort Tilden and the ongoing recovery efforts in the area after Hurricane Sandy. After seeing the exhibit, my husband and I walked around the area and the beaches. It felt like we were in a different part of the country and so different from the beach we normally visit and surf just a few miles away.
  3. Astavakrasana or Eight-Angle Pose. I think that this was the second arm balance that I learned after crow pose. My caption on Instagram: “Hmmmm, I think I need a pedicure.” #truestory
  4. Carrot Turmeric Smoothie from Green Blender. This was yummy. The color was so intense and the flavor too. Turmeric has really grown on me and it has so many benefits.
  5. Side Plank pose in a dress. Just because.


4 Good Reads

I know that I normally share 5 good reads but this week, I’m sharing four pretty amazing pieces.

  1. No, Running Isn’t Therapy. In the wake of Robin Williams’ passing, which still shocks me, much has been said about mental health. But this article is an important part of the conversation. For many of us who run, we have probably uttered the words that running is therapy. That’s why this article is all the more important.
  2. Once Upon a Time. I think that just about every sentence in this post from Alison at Writing, Wishing had me shaking my head yes. In some ways, it’s bittersweet to look back at our “once upon a times,” and at others, it reminds us of how much we’ve grown.
  3. Tune-UpThere is a vast difference between giving up and letting go. <– Such a wise lesson shared by Kristin Armstrong in her column for Runner’s World. Surprisingly (or not), this lessons comes to her during a yoga class and there are so many ways to think about and apply this lesson to all areas of our lives.
  4. Making Mistakes and Learning From Them. Great perspective from Michele aka NYC Running Mama on how we can really make improvements




Extra Special High Five to Everett!! 

Happy Happy 5th Birthday to my boy! I can’t believe that he’s five and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. It’s incredible watching him grow up into a smart, determined, funny and special (and just a wee bit stubborn) little boy. Happy Birthday to my little yoga buddy!

Did you read any great post this week? Would you like an endless summer or would you like summer to end?



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  1. says

    I have to read everything but I can see I will be shaking my head for sure… I have let go vs. giving up many times & will again… I think people need to realize it is OK to let go.. & some many lessons learned from mistakes!!!!!!!

    I will read these over the weekend.. The once upon a time – I am hoping it does not make me weep….

    Beautiful vacation & pics & happy bday Everette!!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..Thoughts on Depression & Some Personal InsightsMy Profile

  2. says

    A high give to Everett from Scarlet! FIVE! Five made me breathless, but it was our first time. Maybe when it’s Des, I’ll be ready.
    I read the running isn’t therapy piece and Alison’s piece! Such good reading this week, in light of summer/fall/school/Robin Williams. People have been writing some amazing things.
    Tamara recently posted..Scarlet Is In The Hotseat!My Profile

  3. says

    Happy birthday Everett! My boy turns 4 on Wednesday! Aren’t Leo’s great! I have two :) Love your Friday five. Wishing I knew how to surf. Your pics make it look absolutely fabulous!

  4. says

    Oh my gosh! Happy Birthday to Everett! When does school start? I know running isn’t my therapy — it’s more of an escape, which probably isn’t all that healthy in the end but it helps get me through.
    Coco recently posted..The Parable Of The SowerMy Profile

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