High Five Friday


Happy Friday friends!

I don’t know about you but it’s been one of those weeks for me. Slightly overwhelmed and feeling burnt out from work. Unexpected I-NEED-THIS-NOW projects don’t really help with that. Itching for a real vacation.

On the flip side, I taught a bunch of yoga classes this week which were all super fun and so good. While I’m often drained after teaching, the sound of Om at the end of class is the best sound ever.

It’s hard to explain but there’s a different quality in the Om chanted at the beginning of class compared to the Om chanted at the end of class. It’s like the yoga practice cleanses the system so that the sound comes out fresher and more crisp.

But still, I’m tired and my head is pounding.

Maybe I need to go do some of these yoga poses to relieve my headache.

By the way, I’m so glad that so many of you found that post helpful, including Nina Garcia apparently. As in Nina Garcia of Project Runway fame. I mean, how did she even come across my little blog post??

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 9.03.24 PM

Five Photos {PS are you following me on Instagram? Please do!}

High Five Friday


  1. Eka Pada Koundinyasana I aka EPK. In the same family as this pose but a different variation. I always thought of this as the “harder” version of EPK, mostly because my hips are tight and not super duper mobile. Plus, it’s an arm balance and arm balances are an ongoing piece of work for me. But this day, I managed to come into the pose and feel relatively comfortable. Granted there’s a lot to work on but we have to celebrate progress, right?
  2. Farmers Market berries. Yum. I could eat these all day.
  3. 1st run post half marathon. I was itching to run all last week but due to the general craziness of life, didn’t get to run until the weekend. And it felt so nice.
  4. Spice Chocolate Volcano Smoothie. Mmmmmm, this was my first smoothie from my Green Blender. Each week, this NYC-based company sends you 5 smoothie recipes and a box of fresh organic produce, pre-portioned for each of the recipes. I mean, it’s kind of brilliant. They sent me a box to try out and I’ll have a review later.
  5. Backbending and letting go. On Thursday, I went to yoga class and we worked on backbends. I needed that – open heart and let the week go. PS I think that I have to incorporate this pose into my yoga classes next week.


5 Good Reads

  1. On Worrying. I’m a natural worrier and I can identify with a lot of what Lindsay writes about in this post. Lindsay’s expecting her first baby and naturally, those worries seem to multiple. But I love her perspective and how she’s choosing to handle the worry.
  2. I want my kids to see my run. I adore this post from Angela, not only the gifts that running has given her but also why she wants her kids to see her run and work hard. I think that it’s really important for our kids to see us as individuals who have passions and interests outside of just being a parent.
  3. This endless positivity. This was exactly the post that I needed to read yesterday as I felt flustered and down because Ali’s positivity glows from her words. One source of her positivity? November Project – the infectious grassroots fitness movement. It’s amazing to hear what she has gained through this experience, especially as her health has made a turn for the better. It makes me want to go to a November Project workout but I have to admit, I’m a little intimidated!
  4. 26 Things I’ve Learned from Teaching Yoga. While I constantly learn something new — about yoga, my mindset, my perspective, my life — from my yoga practice, as I’ve started to teach more, I keep learning more and more through that experience too. This post rings to true.
  5. 20 Signs You’re Succeeding in Life Even If You Don’t Feel You Are. This offers such great perspective.


How has your week been? Any idea how Nina Garcia found my post??


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  1. says

    I am really glad you are enjoying teaching your yoga classes. It must be so satisfying to pass along your knowledge and share it with others. I would love to be able to attend one of your classes.

  2. says

    Oh I hear you on the crazy week and longing for vacation!!! We’re taking one last long weekend next week and it cannot get here fast enough…of course I have a TON to do before then so…
    I also really need to read #5 on your list. I just do.
    Thanks for another great round-up and so many amazing photos. You’re getting REALLY good at this…in case you didn’t know…
    Allie recently posted..I’m Making PRO Compression Socks The Yoga Pant of the Active SAHMMy Profile

  3. says

    The Nina Garcia thing was awesome and I have to tell you that I was having one of my “gone” days of stress and I totally had an allergy/stress headache. And I did your poses. And they worked!
    The thing about the farmer’s market berries.. I’m in such denial about summer ending and us losing that access to amazing fruits and veggies.
    Total denial.
    Tamara recently posted..I Don’t Think We’re In Jersey Anymore!My Profile

  4. says

    Hope this week is much less crazy for you! I’m in a blur of doing next to nothing but caring for baby… I’m having a hard time remembering what regular life is like. :) Great links, too… the worry and modeling running for our kids were favorites of mine, too.
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Meal planning link upMy Profile

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