Friday Round-Up: Freelance Writing Resources


For the past six months to a year, I’ve been working to launch a freelance writing career. During that time, I’ve taken some courses, joined a few freelance writing forums and read a lot of blogs. A lot of blogs. Some have been helpful and some haven’t.

Since I’m sharing my experience so far with freelance writing, I wanted to let you in on some of the resources that have been helpful for me in figuring out this freelance writing world as well as how to begin to write for the print publications and other markets.

Yes, there’s Media Bistro and Writer’s Digest and ProBlogger and Copy Blogger, but there are other great writing resources out there. Here are my favorite ones.

Freelance Writing Resources

The Renegade Writer
I’m not sure how I came across Linda’s blog but it’s been one of the most helpful resources for me. She talks a lot about pitching magazines and other publications and offers really concrete tips and advice. If you sign up for her email, she sends helpful emails every Monday with little tidbits of advice. I’ve also taken two of her e-courses, which were really insightful and I came away with tons of information and tools. Just need to start putting them to good use!

Make a Living Writing
I came across Carol’s blog by way of Linda. The two of them often work together and collaborate. Carol’s blog compliments the information on The Renegade Writer. She offers really practical advice for writers starting off with their freelance career.

Freelance Writers Den {affiliate link}
What I love about both Linda and Carol is that they want to help writers launch their freelance writing career and be successful. They want you to write for paying outlets and not content mills. To this end, they run the Freelance Writers Den, a place where freelancers come together, ask questions, share information and help each other grow their business.

There are bootcamps, webinars and weekly conference calls on a wide variety of topics related to freelance writing. They also offer critiques to help you hone your story query before you send it out to editors. Even if you don’t submit your query to be critiqued, it’s really helpful to read the feedback and see how story ideas can be shaped.

Freelance Success
This is another great, active forum with information about writing for magazines as well as corporate clients, content marketing and blogging. Every month, FLX sends out a newsletter that includes a market guide, including interviews with editors and tips on pitching various markets and publications. The members of FLX tend to be more experienced freelancers (versus Freelance Writers Den which has more newbies but experience moderators), and they are helpful and welcoming.

The Write Life
I recently came across The Write Life. The Write Life talks about many of the different aspects of the writing life from how to find and work with clients to productivity tools to blogging, etc.

The Content Marketing Writer
Content marketing is a growing field. Content marketing is basically providing information to the target audience of a company which helps to develop trust and loyalty in the brand. Jennifer writes a great blog that breaks it all down for you and helps you get started in this field.

The Freelancer by Contently
Recently, Contently started its own digital magazine focused on freelancers and the freelance life. In their words, “We’ll find out what publications pay, and how to pitch their editors; we’ll report on freelance success stories and helpful career advice;…and of course, we’ll focus on the daily quirks and eccentricities that are inherent to the freelance life.”

Writing Humans Newsletter
My friend Tricia sends out a monthly e-newsletter that you should sign up for. She offers inspiration, guidance or just a little nudge to keep you writing. She’s also a beautiful writer and you should read her words if you don’t already.

What’s your favorite writing resource?

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    This has been one of the things I’ve been most proud of you for! You’re writing is exceptional but to work so hard and get it in front of so many! Nice Job!
    Katie recently posted..The ApproachMy Profile

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    i actually hate writing. LOL! but i love reading inspiration and love the resources. maybe i’ll change my mind some day. You inspire me


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