Day 1: Epic Road Trip – Hurricane Sandy version

Hurricane Sandy Road trip

Driving out of Miami

Waffle House

Road trip lunch at Waffle House

Hurricane Sandy clouds South Carolina

Hurricane Sandy clouds over South Carolina

Full Moon Hurricane Sandy

Full moon in South Carolina during Hurricane Sandy

My friend and I decided to drive back to New York City from Miami – epic road trip v2. After 13.5 hours, we’ve arrived in Raleigh, NC. The drive wasn’t too bad except that it felt like it took FOREVER to get out of Florida. For most of the day, the skys were blue and the sun was shining. It was a bit windy and you could definitely feel it in the car.

While last year’s road trip was quick and uneventful, this year, it definitely feels different. Almost as soon as we crossed into South Carolina, the clouds started gathering and creating an ominous grey swath in the sky. About 50 miles outside of Raleigh, it started raining and the winds started kicking up again. We’re going to reassess the situation in the morning to try to figure out what to do.

I know that this seems like a crazy idea to drive back home but honestly, I hate hate hate hate hate being separated and this far away from my kids and my husband. I hate that my husband has to deal with this by himself and that I don’t know what the conditions are at home. I hate that I can’t hug my boys if they are scared. I hate that I can’t see their little faces.

I hate that this is the third major incident in which I have not been in NYC and separated from loved ones – 9/11, Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy. This is the third time that I have rushed home to my family. I hate feeling ridiculously helpless.

To all my east coast friends and family, please be safe and my thoughts and prayers are with you.




  1. Katie says

    I don’t think you’re crazy at all (ok, maybe just a little) but I remember many times my flights would get cancelled, while consulting, and I’d find a friend to drive back with. We always made it home faster.

    Just be careful! You’re entering into the thicker storm stuff.
    Katie recently posted..This is What 15 Weeks Looks LikeMy Profile

    • admin says

      Thanks Katie. I think that we both felt good and brazen about our decision at first but then I know that I started getting a bit scared on Monday night when I was reading all the storm tweets and there was so much unknown. In the end, we did end up getting home faster as our rebooked flights ended up getting cancelled. The second day of the drive wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

  2. Bron says

    Stay safe in your travels! We have been getting full reports on “Sandy” here in Oz and I must say, I’ve never seen anything like it. Big hugs to you and yours and may all your family be safe & well. Bron :)

    • admin says

      Thanks Bron. We were pretty lucky in our neighborhood in the city and never lost power. It was hard being far away from my family and not knowing exactly how or when I would get home. I’ve never seen anything like this storm either. Seriously a Frankenstorm. The amount of devastation and the huge range of the storm was mind boggling. Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. says

    I am sure you know by now that the worst here is over. I hope you family is safe. I identify 100% with some of your feelings since on Sunday I was still away for work and was prepared to walk off the conference to get home had that been necessary. Hugs to you.
    ilene recently posted..The Man Who Didn’t Like MeMy Profile

  4. says

    I’m glad you made it home. I don’t have kids, but I still find it hard to be away during tough times…I was in Australia on September 11th, New Zealand when Hurricane Katrina hit, and in California with the 35W bridge fell in my hometown of Minneapolis. There’s an empty feeling when your family/home/friends/country are all grieving something and you’re just so distanced from it. Stay safe!
    Becky @ RunFunDone recently posted..Obsessed with the Good DealsMy Profile

    • admin says

      Thanks Becky. Empty feeling is a really great way to describe it. I kept feeling like I needed to be there. With the other two events, I didn’t have a doubt that I would get home quickly (or as fast as you can drive from FL to NYC). But this time? I really wasn’t sure. The storm just seemed so massive and unpredictable. I’m glad that I was able to get home relatively quickly.


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