Dare you to rock climb

I’ve never gone rock climbing before. Several members of my family love rock climbing but not me. I think that it has a little something to do with my fear of heights. So when I asked my Facebook friends to challenge me to complete a physical test as part of the Under Armour Women What’s Beautiful competition, the last thing I was expecting was for something to dare me to go rock climbing. But someone did. Thanks Ben.
Nothing like a good challenge to get you to face your fears. Luckily, there’s a pretty great rock climbing gym near my apartment – Brooklyn Boulders. I knew that it was NYC’s only fully dedicated rock climbing gym but I wasn’t sure what to expect. The place is massive. It has 22,000 square feet of climbable terrain for all levels. 
I actually went bouldering which is climbing done on short walls with no ropes or belay. There are various paths up the wall which are marked by colored tape and numbers. The numbers indicate the level of the path and you’re supposed to only use the foot/hand holds that are marked the same color tape. So if I’m climbing the pink path, I can only use the foot and hand holds marked with the pink tape.
Don’t mind the little kids scampering up the wall next to me.

Let me tell you, it was kind of scary hanging off the wall with nothing securing you, especially when you have a bad knee. You will fall if you slip or lose your grip or just get tired.

But I had a lot of fun and my heart was racing. My forearms are SORE and it was hard work, especially since I finished an hour and a half physical therapy session right beforehand. OK, that might not have been the smartest move.

Have you ever been rock climbing or bouldering? Are you afraid of heights too? Wanna go climbing with me sometime?


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    I WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT YOU!!! I was telling my husband how you would be the only person I would trust to teach me how to surf, because you don’t seem like you’d make fun of me 😉 Anyway, rock climbing is awesome and so are you! I want to try it so bad. xo

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    Congratulations on completing this challenge! I used to go rock climbing with a friend of mine who goes a lot (and let me tell you, she is FIT!) I’ve gone outside a few times, but mostly inside with the harness, etc. I loved it! Haven’t been in a long time. Bouldering is hard though. Good for you!

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      It’s HARD!! Seriously, just climbing up that short little wall had my heart pumping. Yes, the other people at the gym were quite fit. I had a lot of fun.

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      Thanks Heidi! You should try it. I was totally intimidated by it but I figured that I was going to make a fool out of myself, especially with those kids at the gym who were scampering up the wall with absolutely no fear.

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    I still do it a lot indoors—but prechild I was an outdoor climbing wonder :)
    in my own mind anyway.
    the wonder piece :)

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      It was frightening. At first I didn’t think it was a big deal but once I started climbing up and once I realized how quickly I could tire out, then I started freaking out a little bit! Good thing those crash mats are nice and padded!!

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      Thanks Danica. I didn’t really know this existed either. I kind of did from my cousins but didn’t realize how crazy and technical it can be.

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    I love that you are so adventurous! I have never rock climbed. I actually repelled down a cliff in Israel 20-some odd years ago – that was fun and a little breathtaking.

    New activities wake up our adventurous spirit as well as muscles that we don’t use every day – hence your noting your sore forearms. Well done!

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      So very true about discovering new muscles I never knew existed. It’s funny though – if I were to describe myself, adventurous wouldn’t be a word that came to mind first. Interesting.

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    Looks like fun!

    I read your post about bloggy boot camp- it was awesome! I went too & wish we could have went together…I’m from Brooklyn living in Long Island! Before Philly I was hoping to connect with someone to travel with! Next time!

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      Thanks Paige! It’s a bit intimidating to step into the gym but the people were super nice. I hope you have a chance to check out the gym near you!

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      No doubt it’s intimidating. It took me a while of sitting there and watching and then finding a corner were there was NOBODY before I tried climbing.

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    We do a lot of free hand and foot rock climbing in Shenandoah. Ash is actually pretty amazing at it. There is a gym dedicated to it that is about 30 minutes away from us and I am seriously considering signing her up for it. She has so much confidence when she comes down off of the real rocks or high rock climbing walls that we have found.
    I can’t believe you did that without any support with still recovering from your knee surgery. I hope your surgeon doesn’t see this post! 😉

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      Shhhh!!! Yes, my surgeon wouldn’t be very happy with me. Looking back on it, probably not that smartest decision I’ve made this week.

      Jasper is pretty good at climbing too. They have all these mini rock climbing walls at the playground and he has been scampering up them since is was about 2.5. I really want to take him to this place. They actually have family hours on the weekends and I think we’ll take the boys. The confidence that these kids have is breathtaking to me.

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    Wow, you are way more badass than me! The one time I did rock climbing (indoors), I was harnessed in and that was scary enough!!

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      haha! Thanks Jess. I think that it was also a matter of “I need to get this challenge done so let’s get this thing over with” type of thing too :-)

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    I did when I was in high school (our gym had a rock climbing wall) but I was self-conscious and too anxious to enjoy it. I think I’d like to try again!

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      I definitely felt very self-conscious – always when I’m trying something new and don’t really know that much about it. I’m not sure how but I managed to put that behind me and just do it. I hope that you get a chance to try it again. It’s kind of fun!

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    Wow, scary! I have done rock climbing indoors with a belay but not bouldering! that seems so much scarier! what if you fell? LOL. I am such a wuss, clearly. You are BAD ASS for doing this!! Awesome job!!

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      Yes, on second thought, probably not the smartest thing I could have done but I was kind of excited to try it. I had been planning on rocking with a belay but the guys at the gym encouraged me to try this first and I kind of liked it. But that one time I climbed up and felt like I was going to fall, ohmygod scary!!! I think that I asked Ed to help me down :-)

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      I bet you could find a rock climbing wall somewhere. I totally thought I was going to chicken out but once I started, I wanted to figure it out. I guess that’s a bit of my competitive side :-)

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    Good job trying something new and challenging yourself! My brother used to lead ropes courses, rock climbing and other stuff like this. He took me a couple of times but it’s so intense. The mental focus is almost as difficult as the physical focus. I think that I’ll stick to workout DVDs in my living room.

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    I love rock climbing! I’ve actually been to Brooklyn Boulders and I wrote a post about it too haha. It looks like you made it all the way to the top though, which makes you A. braver than me and B. stronger! I live here in Brooklyn small world!

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