Gone Surfing


Hola. I’ve gone surfing this week – literally and figuratively. I’m taking some time to hang out with my family while my boys are on spring break. We’ve retreated to the jungle to play on the beach in Costa Rica. We traveled back to the spot where Ed and I were first hooked on surfing. It […]

Being Afraid. Being Brave.

Hawaii ocean

I learned to surf about three years ago. Actually, it was largely the reason why I started this blog. There was something that was unleashed when I learned to surf. There’s something about the ocean that soothes and calms me while also terrifying me at times. Like running and yoga, my experiences in the water […]

Mick vs. Kelly: 2013 Billabong Pipe Masters

Kelly Slater 2013 Pipe Masters Champ

The North Shore of Oahu looks quite different in the winter than it does in the summer. The little, gently rolling waves we surfed over the summer have transformed into monster 10-15 foot waves. That’s why the world’s best surfers gather on the North Shore every winter to close out the competitive year with the […]

Sunrise Surf, Yoga Sutras and Mantras

Chuns Reef surfing

While it was great to get back in the water and surf after a long layoff, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. After my first session, things started getting hard. It felt like each time I went out in the water, I couldn’t catch a thing or I would nose dive, getting a nice saline […]

Little Surfer Dudes

kids surfing

As excited as I was to get back on a surfboard, I was more excited for my kids to try surfing. I didn’t want them to be like me and take up surfing late in life. I wanted them to learn while they were young, while they still had all the advantages of low center of […]

1 year and 9 months. Finally surfing.

chuns reef surfing

I strapped on my leash and placed my board in the water, took a deep breath and started paddling out with Nico. As my arms started to find their familiar rhythm, I watched the choppy water and caught glimpses of the reef beneath me. I felt anxious about surfing again and the conditions seemed the […]

Friday Round-Up: Learning Opportunities

beach nyc

  Happy Friday! For those of you in the U.S., did you have a good 4th of July? We spent the morning at the beach, playing in the ocean and sand, reading a little and (maybe) napping a little. I may have also gotten a little bit of a sunburn. There’s always one part of […]

Mi Ola

mi ola surfer

  When I first headed down to Costa Rica to learn to surf, I had no idea what to wear. I mean, what do you wear that won’t get thrashed in the surf and fall off? While I found some functional swimsuits that were good for surfing, there weren’t that many options for active swimwear. […]