Top 5 Running Moments

top 5 running moments

I think that I have secondary runner’s high from the Boston Marathon last week and the London Marathon this past weekend. When you can’t run, you think about running and you reminisce about running. When you can’t run, you also remember ever run you’ve ever taken as the best run ever. But we all know […]

Why Running Fits Me


  Do you have a sport? Something that is intimately tied to your identity? I didn’t used to. I grew up playing lots of different sports and didn’t really consider myself an athlete. But lately? I seem to be gravitating to two things – running and yoga. I love hearing other people’s stories about how […]

Do you have the discipline for rest and recovery?

anyone can train hard

“I really should go for a run this afternoon.” “No, you shouldn’t. You haven’t gotten any sleep this week. You’re exhausted.” “But it’s Thursday and I haven’t run since Monday and I didn’t exercise the last two days. I need to do something. Who needs rest and recovery for runners?” “Look at you! You can […]