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upward salute

It seems as if a lazy, hazy fog has settled over my brain like the humidity that hangs so heavy in the air outside my window. That invisible wet blanket that weighs down my shoulders and covers my mouth and makes it hard to breath and think. That forces me to slow down because it […]

Get Out Of Your Own Way

5 signs you're getting in the way of your own success

Someone recently said this to me: “Gee Christine. You always pick the hardest magazines to break into.” It’s true. When I made the decision to turn my career towards freelance writing, I immediately set my sights on the big name magazines. You know, those pretty glossy ones that you see on the newsstand? That’s where […]

I am…

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I am tired. Do all these posts start this way? But I don’t feel exhausted like I normally do. Just tired from a full day. I wonder how the story plays out, how it ends. I wonder if the path is linear, if there are unexpected turns and twists and if there is that happy […]


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stub·born (ˈstəbərn/): adjective having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so. difficult to move, remove, or cure. I’ve been known to be stubborn. Hard-headed is what my Mom used to call it, I mean, still calls it. It’s a trait […]

How a Daily Practice Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

daily practice

It happens every couple of weeks. Towards the end of yoga class, we practice inversions and inevitably, a student will flag me down and ask for assistance. “I want to do a handstand,” they say. Most of the time, it’s a student who has been working on this pose for a while and wants some guidance. […]