Old School Blogging: Summertime

Nosara sunset

It’s crazy to me that kids are already heading back to school. My kids don’t head back until after Labor Day. How can summer be over? I mean, we haven’t even taken our family vacation yet! I’m not quite ready to give up summer just yet. But, I’m excited to live with those summer moments […]


Dancers pose

  Stuck. That’s generally how I feel lately. You know the feeling… When you sit and stare at a blank screen, hoping that words will magically start filling the page? When you start wandering around the house and open the refrigerator door and just stare because the answer surely has to be inside of the fridge, […]

The Joy of Writing Letters

Letter 1

My older son Jasper wrote me a letter a few weeks before the end of school. He’s been on a letter writing roll for a while now. He would come home from school, cheeks rosy from the warm air outside and whip open his backpack. From his red folder, he would pull out five letters that […]

6 months in

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 8.53.54 PM

  Happy July!  Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! You sure know how to make a girl feel loved. It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through the year already. That means it’s time to check in on my intentions for the year. {Thanks Melissa for keeping me accountable.} You may remember that […]

38 Lessons in 38 Years

38 lessons in 38 years

Today, I turn 38 years old. I wasn’t planning on telling you my real age because, well, for no good reason other than I’m clearly planted in my late 30s and on my way to being 40. But I had a conversation with Jasper the other day that changed my mind. He asked me how […]

Old Friends. New Blends.

brooklyn bridge park

It’s the last week of school for my kids (finally). It’s been a long year. Full of progress. Full of promise. These little people are so much bigger than they were in September. Last night, we gathered with Jasper’s class for a picnic in the park. I sat there and watched as the kids played […]

Now I See You {Book Review}

Now I see You

I’ve lived in New York City for almost 20 years. I never expected to stay here after college, let alone raise a family here. New York City seemed like the antithesis of the idyllic childhood I imagined for my family. It’s loud and overwhelming. There’s concrete everywhere. It’s high density. There are cars, traffic, subways, […]

Trust the process / The journey is hard

Trust the process

If I were being completely honest, I would tell you that I’m struggling a bit right now. But don’t we all say that? I’m so stressed. I have so much going on. Yada Yada. Aren’t we all always overwhelmed and over-scheduled and over-booked? I posted this status on Facebook the other day – “Why oh […]