How to Stay Creative

How to Stay Creative

  As a writer and a blogger, one of the things I struggle with is how to stay creative and generate ideas. Just ask my husband about how I wander the house declaring “I have nothing to say!” I get anxious when I am stuck – staring at a blank page, begging for brilliant ideas to […]

14 Things I Learned on Summer Vacation (+ Pictures)

Boats at Sunset

  As you read this, we’ll be on the road, driving back home to Brooklyn from Maine. We were lucky to spend two and a half weeks away from home. We had a chance to explore a couple of different parts of Maine. The first week, we rented a house near Wells Beach in Southern […]

High Five Friday: Still in Maine

High Five Friday Maine Part 2

  Oh hey. Yes, we’re still in Maine. Still exploring. Still beaching (omg Maine beaches are beautiful!). I still can’t quite get over the incredible scenery and landscape in this state. I’m trying to unplug and relax and enjoy this last bit of summer – more like clinging on to this final week because I’m not […]

Green Blender Smoothies

Green Blender Review

  It’s no secret that I love smoothies. Smoothies have been a part of my life for a long time, ever since college when I worked at a small smoothie and juice joint in California…one that would later be known as Jamba Juice. I was introduced to green smoothies two years ago when I did a […]

High Five Friday: Maine

High Five Friday Maine

  We’re not in New York City anymore kids… Nope. We’ve fled the city to breath in some fresh air, play by the ocean and enjoy the last few weeks of summer before the kids head back to school. We’re spending some time up in Maine. Aside from a weekend camping more than 10 years […]

High Five Friday: Endless Summer

high five friday

Happy Friday! I kind of feel like I clawed my way to the end of this week. By Thursday morning, I kind of gave up. I taught an early morning yoga class and then decided to go surfing with my husband and a friend and play hooky. On the ride out to Rockaway, I wasn’t […]

Old School Blogging: Summertime

Nosara sunset

It’s crazy to me that kids are already heading back to school. My kids don’t head back until after Labor Day. How can summer be over? I mean, we haven’t even taken our family vacation yet! I’m not quite ready to give up summer just yet. But, I’m excited to live with those summer moments […]


Dancers pose

  Stuck. That’s generally how I feel lately. You know the feeling… When you sit and stare at a blank screen, hoping that words will magically start filling the page? When you start wandering around the house and open the refrigerator door and just stare because the answer surely has to be inside of the fridge, […]