Gone Surfing


Hola. I’ve gone surfing this week – literally and figuratively. I’m taking some time to hang out with my family while my boys are on spring break. We’ve retreated to the jungle to play on the beach in Costa Rica. We traveled back to the spot where Ed and I were first hooked on surfing. It […]

Friday Round-Up: True to You

pema quote

Oh my goodness. I’m so happy to that it’s Friday! I feel like I say that every week but this week it’s especially true! At least the weather has started to act like Spring weather should. I even went for a run in a tank top this week. #littlethings Speaking of running, I did manage […]

Cooking with Coconut Oil Cookbook Review


{Disclaimer: I received a copy of Cooking with Coconut Oil to review. I received no other compensation for this post. All opinions are my honest opinion.} I have a jar of coconut oil sitting in my cupboard. I’ve wanted to incorporate coconut oil into my cooking, both because of the flavor (yum coconut flour) and […]

Friday Round-Up: Good Vibes

Give out what you most want to come back

I mean, right? Isn’t that how we should approach life? Give out what you most want to come back? Anyhow, Happy Friday! How was your week? Did you get fooled by any April Fool’s Day tricks? My kids tried to convince me that there was a cockroach in their room. Not very nice since I hate […]


Warrior II

{Sharing a little more about what the first quarter of this year has been for me.} I can feel the first bead of sweat gathering between my eyes, sending a prickly sensation throughout my body. It’s like the annoying buzz of a mosquito by your ear – the one that you try to ignore but […]

“Be a writer not a waiter.”

GOTR Athleta

Have you read my essay over at Mamalode? I’d love if you did –> The Moments Between the Waves Hooray! It’s the last day of March! I don’t think that I’ve been happier to see the end of a month. Well, maybe February but that was because I thought that the Polar Vortex was behind […]

All you need to know about oil pulling

coconut oil

Have you heard oil pulling? It seems like everywhere I turn, someone is talking about it. You take a tablespoon or two of oil, place it in your mouth and then swish it around and “pull” it through your teeth for anywhere between five minutes to 20 minutes. According to the Internets, there are a […]

Bikini Ready Beach Body

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.16.24 AM

The past weekend was the official first weekend of spring. You could kind of feel it in the air. After the long, cold and unrelenting winter, everyone seems to be ready for sunshine and warmer weather. The other sure sign that it’s spring? Magazines, commercials and blogs reminding us that, “It’s XX days until bikini […]