Get Out Of Your Own Way

5 signs you're getting in the way of your own success

Someone recently said this to me: “Gee Christine. You always pick the hardest magazines to break into.” It’s true. When I made the decision to turn my career towards freelance writing, I immediately set my sights on the big name magazines. You know, those pretty glossy ones that you see on the newsstand? That’s where […]

Lean into Fear

rockaway 2

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored partnership with KEA.  When my husband returned from his surf session at Rockaway last week, he casually mentioned that he might have seen sharks out in the water. “We were sitting out on our boards and I see this little dorsal fins swimming by.” He came home, Googled […]

The Mental Impact of Injury: How to Adjust and Manage While Physically Recovering

mental impact of injury

A week after my surgery, I went to see my doctor. He took the stitches out, checked the swelling and told me everything was okay. Of course, all I wanted to know was when I could start doing things. “Well, you should be doing some passive movement exercises. Lie down.” I hopped up on the […]

How to Achieve Balance in Fitness, Healthy Eating and Life

How to Find Balance

Tensegrity. It’s a concept that we learned about in yoga teacher training. It’s a structural principle, often used to describe engineering or building structures, that uses a system of strained distribution to hold a structure together. It’s like a spider web. The web is made of delicate material yet is able to hold the weight […]