Paddling for Position

playa guiones

When most people think about surfing, they think about riding a wave. But surfing is more than just standing up on a surfboard and maybe doing some cool turns and maneuvers. You can have all the technical skills in the world — paddling, standing up, turns — but if you don’t actually put yourself in […]


Warrior II

{Sharing a little more about what the first quarter of this year has been for me.} I can feel the first bead of sweat gathering between my eyes, sending a prickly sensation throughout my body. It’s like the annoying buzz of a mosquito by your ear – the one that you try to ignore but […]

“Be a writer not a waiter.”

GOTR Athleta

Have you read my essay over at Mamalode? I’d love if you did –> The Moments Between the Waves Hooray! It’s the last day of March! I don’t think that I’ve been happier to see the end of a month. Well, maybe February but that was because I thought that the Polar Vortex was behind […]

All you need to know about oil pulling

coconut oil

Have you heard oil pulling? It seems like everywhere I turn, someone is talking about it. You take a tablespoon or two of oil, place it in your mouth and then swish it around and “pull” it through your teeth for anywhere between five minutes to 20 minutes. According to the Internets, there are a […]

Bikini Ready Beach Body

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.16.24 AM

The past weekend was the official first weekend of spring. You could kind of feel it in the air. After the long, cold and unrelenting winter, everyone seems to be ready for sunshine and warmer weather. The other sure sign that it’s spring? Magazines, commercials and blogs reminding us that, “It’s XX days until bikini […]

Being Afraid. Being Brave.

Hawaii ocean

I learned to surf about three years ago. Actually, it was largely the reason why I started this blog. There was something that was unleashed when I learned to surf. There’s something about the ocean that soothes and calms me while also terrifying me at times. Like running and yoga, my experiences in the water […]

Lessons from Ski School – Part 3

Lessons from Ski School

“I’m a little nervous.” Everett’s voice emerge so soft and so quiet from the back seat of the car. It was the complete opposite of the usual loud and brash voice that I’m used to hearing from him. “What was that buddy? You’re a little nervous?” I turned to look at him. His little eyebrows […]

Falling with Grace

hope is an anchor for the soul

Usually, when I get on my mat to practice yoga, my world shrinks down to those four corners and everything that lies between. It’s like tunnel vision. Everything else falls away and my focus settles on me, my breath and my body. It’s taken me a long time but I’m no longer self-conscious in class, […]