The Mental Impact of Injury: How to Adjust and Manage While Physically Recovering

mental impact of injury

A week after my surgery, I went to see my doctor. He took the stitches out, checked the swelling and told me everything was okay. Of course, all I wanted to know was when I could start doing things. “Well, you should be doing some passive movement exercises. Lie down.” I hopped up on the […]

The Best Workout for Everybody + a Beginner Swim Workout

beginners swim workout

Do you swim? It’s one of my favorite ways to workout so I’m so excited to have Angela from Happy Fit Mama here today to talk to you all about swimming and to give you a great beginner swim workout. **************************** When most people think of a sweat producing, calorie torching, and lean body sculpting workout they […]

Why Running Fits Me


  Do you have a sport? Something that is intimately tied to your identity? I didn’t used to. I grew up playing lots of different sports and didn’t really consider myself an athlete. But lately? I seem to be gravitating to two things – running and yoga. I love hearing other people’s stories about how […]


Happy Go Yoga

We’ve all heard that yoga is good for you. It offers a number of health benefits. It can help you get rid of headaches. It can help you sleep better. It can help you improve your running. But when life gets busy, our yoga practice often is the first thing to go, and it can […]