6 Yoga Poses for Runners


With so much running in my life recently, my body has been craving time on my yoga mat. Yoga and running have been the constants in my life, and I love seeing how one compliments the other. There are so many yoga poses that that target areas where runners need some love and care and that […]

2014 Reach the Beach New Hampshire Recap

Team Pumped Up Kicks

When I was in college, one of my favorite shows was MTV’s Real World. I was in awe of the ridiculous houses that they lived in and the drama – oh the drama. Over the weekend, I was invited to be part of the New Balance Blogger Team for Reach the Beach Relay. It felt […]

We Reached the Beach!

Lessons Learned during Reach the Beach Relay

I’m not quite sure what to say about this weekend. 12 women ran a combined total of 207 miles over 33-ish hours in order to Reach the Beach in New Hampshire. Long distance relay races are one of those things that I thought would be cool to do but never really expected to actually do. There’s so […]

High Five (or 11) Friday!

Team Pumped Up Kicks

Today is the day!! As you’re reading this, Team Pumped Up Kicks will be making our way from the mountains of New Hampshire to the beach…over 200 miles. Our team starts at 7am! I can’t tell you the range of emotions I have run through in the last week – Excited. Scared. Curious. Terrified. Happy. […]

Back to the Beach

Back to the Beach

We’ve only been home a week from our vacation in Maine, and I’m already longing to return to the beach. Well, it looks like I am headed back to the beach sooner rather than later. This weekend, I’m doing this… {OMG} Starting on Friday, September 12, I will be running 200 miles with 11 other […]

High Five Friday: Still in Maine

High Five Friday Maine Part 2

  Oh hey. Yes, we’re still in Maine. Still exploring. Still beaching (omg Maine beaches are beautiful!). I still can’t quite get over the incredible scenery and landscape in this state. I’m trying to unplug and relax and enjoy this last bit of summer – more like clinging on to this final week because I’m not […]

Gaining Perspective From Injury

  I’ve been thinking a lot about running lately. And while I may have had a hard time appreciating and celebrating my recent PR, I’ve been thinking about how much has changed over the last 2 and a half years. I’m pulling a post from my archive on 5 lessons learned from injury and from recovering […]

PR = Personal Record

SF 1st Half Marathon finisher medal

I crossed the finish line and smiled. My fingers fumbled to press stop on my watch and looked at the numbers again. A running PR. A personal record. But just as soon as the smile reached my cheeks, the corners of my mouth started to fall. A PR, but not a fast PR. When I ran […]