I am…

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I am tired. Do all these posts start this way? But I don’t feel exhausted like I normally do. Just tired from a full day. I wonder how the story plays out, how it ends. I wonder if the path is linear, if there are unexpected turns and twists and if there is that happy […]

Sharing Stories

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A couple of weekends ago, I walked my son to his friend’s birthday party. He wanted to take the subway but I insisted that we walk. It was kind of a long walk. I started to tell him random stories in order to distract him from the distance. As we walked past a subway station, […]

2014 in Photos

IG Collage 3

I love going back and looking through photos. I’m a visual person so the images evoke so many memories and feelings. Last year, I shared my favorite photos from each month of the year. It was a unique way to reflect back on the year and to witness the journey and adventures that I had. […]