Gone Surfing


Hola. I’ve gone surfing this week – literally and figuratively. I’m taking some time to hang out with my family while my boys are on spring break. We’ve retreated to the jungle to play on the beach in Costa Rica. We traveled back to the spot where Ed and I were first hooked on surfing. It […]

Zen and the Art of the Rainbow Loom

rainbow loom

The last thing that I wanted in my house was a Rainbow Loom. I knew it was all the rage among my son’s friends. Jasper would mention how so-and-so had a rainbow loom or had learned how to make a new pattern. He would come home with gifts of bracelets and rings from friends at […]

Lessons from Ski School – Part 3

Lessons from Ski School

“I’m a little nervous.” Everett’s voice emerge so soft and so quiet from the back seat of the car. It was the complete opposite of the usual loud and brash voice that I’m used to hearing from him. “What was that buddy? You’re a little nervous?” I turned to look at him. His little eyebrows […]

Old School Blogging: Valentine’s Day!

valentine's day

So, we just got a wee bit of snow yesterday. I woke up Thursday morning, looked out the window and it was white outside. I don’t just mean that the streets were covered with snow but that the sky was white too. I haven’t seen snow like that in the city in about 10 years. […]

Glitter and Glue

Kelly Corrigan Glitter and Glue

  When I was growing up, it used to drive me crazy when my mom would say, “You’ll understand when you’re a mother.” That used to be one phrase (of many) that would have me storming off to my room and slamming the door behind me. It felt like an insult, like how could I […]

Sidewalk Re-starts

snow days

I was standing in the middle of the sidewalk, approximately 50 feet from the entrance to my son’s school. My son was standing a few feet from me, leaning over the handles of his Mini-Micro scooter with tears streaming down his cheeks and snot dribbling down his nose. He would not let me wipe his […]

The Penguin Hat

penguin hat

I was supposed to be writing a real blog post right now. Instead, it’s almost 11pm on Tuesday night and instead of writing, I’m sitting in the living room listening to my oldest son cough…endlessly. He went to bed at 8pm and it’s now 11pm and he’s still coughing. T-h-r-e-e hours of coughing. I hate […]