Double the Sweat


Usually, it’s tricky for me to find time to squeeze in one workout on most days but I normally arrange my schedule so that I am able to fit it in. I never do two-a-day workouts because 1) I don’t have the time and 2) I don’t think that my body could handle it. Let’s face it – I’m getting older and my body doesn’t bounce back as quickly.

However, when I was invited to workout with Brick New York and Adam Rosante on the same day, I couldn’t pass it up. Luckily, I had about nine hours between workouts to recover.

Morning Bootcamp with Brick New York and Athleta

Last Wednesday morning, I headed over to Brick New York’s facility in Chelsea. First, I got a sneak peak at Athleta’s new collection for the holiday season. There is so much amazing stuff coming out in November and December. I kind of want it all, especially the ski and snowboard gear!!

Brick New York workout

Then, we were treated to a workout with Brick New York. Brick uses CrossFit methodology in its training programs, which includes traditional CrossFit classes, Olympic lifting, kickboxing, yoga and bootcamp. Brick offers a 4-week program called The Academy during which you work with a coach to build your fitness base, develop skills and techniques, and gain familiarity with the basic movements. Originally from Los Angeles, Brick is opening its first New York outpost on August 1.

Since the facility wasn’t quite finished yet, our coach Heidi took us for a quick jog over to Chelsea Piers where we met Erica for a bootcamp-style class, based on Brick’s Triple X class. There were three parts to the workout.

The first part was a partner workout. One person performed lunges while the other did a bear crawl up a slight hill, completed 5 push-ups and then ran back down. They tagged their partner and switched roles. We did this for as many reps as possible (AMRAP) for 5 minutes (I think? Maybe 7 minutes?). This was the first time that I’ve done bear crawls and I kind of loved them.

The second part of the workout consisted of 3 rounds of 3 exercises:

  • Pistol squats – 5 per leg
  • Leap frogs
  • Spiderman planks – 10 per side

This just confirmed for me that I hate pistol squats. Those are definitely a challenging move for me, especially given the weakness in my knee. But, instead of not doing them, I did them the best that I could even though it seemed like everyone else was doing them better and faster.

Brick New York - Agility ladder

The third part of the workout consisted of 3 rounds of 5 different exercises. We were to complete each exercise for one minute. This was actually my favorite part of the workout.

  • Roll-ups: Rolling like a ball on your back and up to stand on your feet and back down again.
  • Tricep dips
  • Jump squats
  • Agility ladder
  • Plank

While each part of the workout by itself didn’t look like much, put together, it was challenging and my legs were definitely feeling it by the end. I loved the variety of moves and the short intervals. It made it mentally easier to push yourself for that period of time.

Our coaches Heidi and Erica watched our form and motivating us to keep going throughout the session. They were the nicest people even though they were yelling at us to keep going for one more rep. Heidi is also a life-long runner and it was interesting to hear her perspective on CrossFit and how it can benefit runners and other athletes. She’s basically convinced me to give it a shot.

Getting in Waveshape in the Evening

After going home to shower and work for a bit, I headed back into Manhattan in the evening. This time, I went to the Soho Grand Hotel where I was treated to another incredible workout called Waveshape.

Waveshape is a high-intensity workout designed by Adam Rosante for the Calavera girls, surfers sponsored by Calavera, an awesome line of performance swimwear that is designed to stay put. Adam is the founder of The People’s Bootcamp – a 45-minute, pay-what-you-want bootcamp in New York City and Montauk. It’s his belief that lifelong fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their bank account.

Adam Rosante Waveshape

While Waveshape was designed to help surfers stay in shape in between surf sessions, it’s a really great workout for anyone. I mean, wouldn’t you want a lean, strong surfer’s physique?

The moves focus on developing endurance and total body strength and stability where surfers need it – legs, lower back and core – as well as building explosive power for when you paddle for a wave, pop-up and turn on a wave.

I kind of knew I might be in trouble when I was already sweating after the dynamic warm-up. The main workout consisted of two circuits of exercises. We performed each exercise for 30 seconds before moving directly to the next exercise. Adam demonstrated most of the moves but didn’t reveal the last two of each circuit because he wanted to keep us guessing.

The exercises included moves that resembled supermans, wood chops, push-up variations, plank walks, jump squats, and jump lunges. After my workout this morning, my legs were screaming when we got to the jump squats.

Waveshape cool down

But there’s something about being in a room with a bunch of other sweaty people all trying to make it through a challenging set of exercises. You draw on each other’s energy.

But more than anything, it was Adam that pulled me through the workout. Even though he claimed to be losing his voice, his voice boomed throughout the room. I don’t think that I’ve ever been in a fitness class with someone with such presence and who inspired me to dig deep and keep going. He focused as much on training the mind as much as the physical body.

The best thing about Waveshape? The 45-minute workout is FREE. It was originally set-up as a one-month challenge but the response has been so great that they are keeping the website up and running. You can go sign-up and experience it at home.

Are you a fan of high-intensity and bootcamp-style workouts?

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{Disclosure: I was invited to participate in both workouts free-of-charge. I did not receive any compensation and was not asked to write this post.}


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  1. Angela @ Happy Fit Mama says

    Fun! I’m not a 2 a day workout person (although I’d love to if I had the time) but would definitely make it to both of these workouts. I’m finding in PT that the agility ladder is a major weakness of mine. I’m sweating like crazy after 5 mins!

    Thanks for the heads up about the Fall Athleta line. Time to start saving my pennies now, huh? :)

  2. says

    What a fun, kick-booty kind of day! I really want to try the WaveShape workout so I’m excited to learn you can find it online. I am not a fan of strength workout, but stuff like what you did, with a group, is really fun.
    misszippy recently posted..A Boston Marathon storyMy Profile

  3. says

    You are amazing Christine. I have been following your blog for some time and you are so inspiring! And energetic! I admit, I’m exhausted just reading your two work outs, but also feel motivated to get moving more. Classes really intimidate me, and I have struggled on and off with running. But I think I just need to keep with it. And get some guts to take a class!
    Leah Davidson recently posted..My GirlMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Leah! I’m exhausted looking back at this post. I have no idea how I made it through that day! Classes usually intimidate me too because I’m so uncoordinated. Running gets easier with time if you stick with it. You can do it!
      Christine Yu recently posted..The 7 ChakrasMy Profile

  4. says

    oooh…I am jealous you got to see the Athleta line…LOVE their clothing! The workouts sound awesome too. I like agility ladders although they always kick my butt. I’ll have to check out Waveshape!
    Michelle recently posted..Honored And InspiredMy Profile

  5. says

    I’m really impressed by your double session! What are pistol squats? I do like to do high intensity workouts but if given a choice between high intensity workouts and something dance based or barre based, I would choose the latter. Although high intensity workouts can really shake things up for me! Thanks for the info! :)
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted..Girls Weekend Plus a Zumba VideoMy Profile


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