All About Pie

All about pie

I had pie for my birthday – a delicious, crusty apple pie that I swear was about 6 inches thick.

It’s not that I don’t like cake. I do enjoy a good moist cake, particularly carrot cake with golden raisins and cream cheese frosting. But sometimes, cake can be a bit…nondescript and spongy for me and the frosting can be way too sweet.

I prefer the flavor of pie – the slightly more intense flavor of the baked fruit, the caramelized fruit sugars, and the flaky, buttery pastry of the crust. The same goes for crumbles and cobblers. I love crumbles and cobblers, especially when I find a chunk of brown sugar in the crumble topping. YUM.

However, let’s be clear. I’m talking about fruit pies. I am not a fan of custard-based pies like sweet potato or pumpkin pie. Key lime pie I can do, but not the others.

My cousin baked my birthday apple pie with a little help from Jasper and Everett. The recipe is from Pie It Forward: Pies, Tarts, Tortes, Galettes, and Other Pastries Reinvented by Gesine Bullock-Prado – yes, Sandra Bullock’s sister who happens to be a professional pastry chef.

While the recipe for the apple pie isn’t available online, here are some of my favorite pie recipes. Perfect for the holiday weekend, yes?

What’s your favorite pie? Do you like your pie a la mode or plain?


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    I am not a baker, unfortunately, so if I have pie I usually bought it somewhere. I am a huge fan of Grand Traverse Pie Company’s ABC Crumb. I believe that’s apple, berries and cherries, but I don’t pay much attention to the ingredients as I shove it down my throat.

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    Joining GiGi to add a vote for ice cream cake! YUM! I do like tart pies like key lime and lemon pie with a graham cracker crust, but I’m not a big fan of classic pie crust. If I’m going to enjoy a fruity dessert, I’d rather have a cobbler or crumble, especially if it’s topped with a crunchy oat & brown sugar combo. Every year we pick blueberries at a local patch and make a crumble that disappears in no time!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Marathon Mama: Richmond 2013My Profile

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    ahhh I not a pie person BUT the child has suddenly started telling EVERYONE how she has never ever had pie before (oops. I thought that she was CAKE? :)) I must rectify that.
    Miz recently posted..Get Fit TOGETHER!My Profile

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    I love pie! I really could care less if I ever have another piece of cake, but pie with a good crust is sooooo yummy! I really have come to love rhubarb pie this year. With ice cream. Mmmmm.
    jan recently posted..Glorious WeatherMy Profile

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    I think I’m your opposite! I tend to like custardy pies – like cream pies and chocolate pies and pumpkin pies. Again, I’d take ice cream or cookies over pie and cake. I have this thing about baked fruit. I love it fresh but not baked. However, raspberry pie is an exception times a million! I think it’s a consistency thing although I’m generally not that touchy about consistency.
    Your descriptions, despite what I said about pies, are still making me hungry.
    Tamara recently posted..Another Year Gone, Holdin’ On.My Profile

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    I also just celebrated a birthday and never thought to request pie! Next year. Instead I had ice cream cake (really – you can’t go wrong there) and carrot cake. I’m actually not much of a dessert person but I DO love pie – especially apple. Yours looks delicious, btw. And happy belated birthday!
    Michelle recently posted..Postpartum Running – The BeginningMy Profile

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    I’m with you. I’m much more likely to enjoy a fruit pie than cake or custard. I have an apple pie recipe that uses 4 different types of apples – so good! My daughter combined three different recipes to make her own fantastic peach pie recipe. I think a scoop of ice cream makes pie that much better!
    Coco recently posted..ViSalus Vi-Shape Banana Bread Muffin RecipeMy Profile

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    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had the best day! My favorite pie is apricot! My mum used to buy them as a special treat when I was tiny so it has lots of happy feelings tied to it!
    Jess recently posted..Our little Hike!My Profile


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