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  1. Angela @ Happy Fit Mama
    May 1, 2013

    Thanks for having me Christine! I’m honored to be a guest. xoxo
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..2013 Wallis Sands Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

  2. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama
    May 1, 2013

    Thanks for great guest post from Happy Fit Mama! There are definitely days when 30 minute work outs are all I can manage. I love body weight circuits…they are definitely effective! Thanks for sharing!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Confessions of a Blogger Newbie: Facebook FailMy Profile

  3. Natalie
    May 1, 2013

    These are awesome!! I will definitely try some of them out. Thanks!
    Natalie recently posted..Nike Women’s Half Race RecapMy Profile

  4. Miz
    May 1, 2013

    And I need my BOOTY KICKED too.
    it’s trying to meet the back of my knees these days from sooo much sitting.
    Miz recently posted..We are storytellers.My Profile

  5. Krysten Siba Bishop (@darwinianfail)
    May 1, 2013

    Krysten Siba Bishop (@darwinianfail) recently posted..#WIAW – Collagen Beauty BurstsMy Profile

  6. Kat
    May 1, 2013

    HIIT is the best!

  7. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast
    May 1, 2013

    I’ve used some of her workouts- love these! I might be doing one today… looking for something quick and easy to do at home. Great post!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..WIAW, Munchkin Meals and a Pumpkin Toddler CookieMy Profile

  8. Kim
    May 1, 2013

    Love all of these – they are awesome!!

  9. Laura
    May 1, 2013

    These are awesome! I went ahead and pinned them onto my workout boards so I can give them a try :)
    Laura recently posted..How RoadRunner Sports Turned a Negative into a Positive: A Quick, Unsolicited PlugMy Profile

  10. misszippy
    May 1, 2013

    30 minutes or less is right up my alley! Thanks Angela for the great ideas–even though I know they will hurt!
    misszippy recently posted..Treadmill desk updateMy Profile

  11. Alex @ Alex Tries it Out
    May 1, 2013

    My favorite thing about these types of workouts is that you only need YOURSELF to do them. The best!
    Alex @ Alex Tries it Out recently posted..April GoalsMy Profile

  12. Axel
    May 1, 2013

    If your blog complains about pain, it’s because I was PINNING THE HECK OUT OF THIS POST!
    Axel recently posted..A Training Plan For MeMy Profile

  13. Kierston @candyfit
    May 1, 2013

    I love me some Happy Fit Mama!
    Kierston @candyfit recently posted..Competition Prep: On The Road and No Excuses!My Profile

  14. Abby @ BackAtSquareZero
    May 1, 2013

    So I just pinned those all.
    My summer goal – if I am not stress fractured.
    Is to do 30 min of interval training followed by 30 minutes of strength stuff every T & R
    That way I am not just running long and slow.
    I hope to be healthy enough to try your workouts out as my post HIIT run strength stuff.
    Really want to push myself.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted..26.2 LaterMy Profile

  15. beka @ rebecca roams
    May 1, 2013

    I love that all of these require NO equipment at all! Saving them all for my rainy days stash. thanks!
    beka @ rebecca roams recently posted..Down the home stretch… at the Yelptucky Derby!My Profile

  16. Taylor @ Liftingrevolution
    May 1, 2013

    I am all about short but highly intense workouts. You can accomplish so much in just a short period of time if you actually bust your tush! Great workouts, love AMRAP!
    Taylor @ Liftingrevolution recently posted..I’m Tired Of Sucking: Rules To Be More AccomplishedMy Profile

  17. Becky @ RunFunDone
    May 1, 2013

    Oh man, there’s no way I could ever do any of those! My favorite 30 minute workout (besides running) is Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. As far as I can tell, I absolutely require to have her screaming at me and annoying the crap out of me if I want to finish any sort of exercise while in my home! You mommies are awesome for getting it done! I find it hard to get a workout in sometimes just with my job and dog! I fear what it will be like when I’ve got kiddos!
    Becky @ RunFunDone recently posted..Gulp…Marathon?My Profile

  18. ilene
    May 2, 2013

    I love these at home no weight workouts! I am going to try one this morning!
    ilene recently posted..Midfielders Make the World Go RoundMy Profile

  19. Heang
    June 17, 2014

    I’m new to HIIT, what are all these terms? Is there a glossary or something that explains these all these exercises? I’d love to start doing these workouts but I have no clue what they are!

    • Christine Yu
      June 24, 2014

      I don’t think that there is one place explains all the exercises. I usually just google the name of the exercise and check out the links or videos that are posted. Have fun trying these workouts. If you have any other questions, please ask!
      Christine Yu recently posted..Scenes from my weekend: Summer SolsticeMy Profile

  20. Cynthia @ You Signed Up For WHAT?!
    October 20, 2014

    These are awesome! Thanks – I always forget I can do workouts like this without “stuff” or going out of the house!

  21. Maureen
    February 9, 2015

    I’m always looking for 30 minute or less workouts!
    Maureen recently posted..Random Acts of Kindness WeekMy Profile

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