3 Great Ways to Use Coconut Flour

How to use coconut flour

I’m really excited about today’s Guest Blogger. You see, lately, I’ve been curious about all things coconut and have been trying to figure out how to incorporate it more into my cooking. Thankfully, Kammie has offered up 3 great ways to use coconut flour!


Hey guys! My name is Kammie and I blog over at Sensual Appeal. Today I am guest posting and talking a little bit about my current obsession (which has lasted quite some time now)… this obsession is coconut flour!

If you have been in the blog world for some time now, you might be familiar with this particular flour. This is a special kind of flour because not only is it a nice alternative to gluten flours, it is much lower in carbs, but higher in protein and fiber. Not only that, but you can also use it raw – my favorite way of use it. [source]

This slightly sweet flour acts like sort of a sponge. It absorbs helluva lot of liquid, so when adapting recipes to include this flour you must adjust liquids as necessary. I have been totally loving the way things are turning out using this flour! The outcome is always delicious, filling, and satisfying. I just love it. I love it so much that I’ve added it to my favorite products list.

So you might be wondering “what can I use coconut flour in?” Here are some of my favorite uses of this wonderful product:

My main use of coconut flour is to thicken up my yogurt cococtions. That’s right, it has nothing to do with baking. I often add it to my kefir or regular yogurt and stir it up to create a thicker consistency. I’m a sucker for a nice texture and if a yogurt is too thin and liquidy, adding coconut flour gets the job done while adding a delicate coconut flavor and some extra nutrients.

Almond Joy Protein Pudding

Almond Joy Protein Pudding

My second favorite thing to use coconut flour in are my protein pancakes. I absolutely love how these babies turn out if I add this flour in! The outcome is much like a cookie and less like a regular pancake, but that is exactly the way I like it. It is filling, thick, and oh so delicious! I’ve had trouble veganizing coconut flour pancakes though so egg whites are a must for my protein pancake recipes using coconut flour. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to veganize them properly soon, if not.. then oh well, at least I’m not vegan.

Mocha Protein Pancakes

Mocha Protein Pancakes

Cacao Protein pancake

Cacao Protein Pancakes aka Superfood Pancakes

Carob Chip Coconut Pancake

Carob Chip Coconut Protein Pancakes

The third, and probably most obvious way to use coconut flour is as an alternative to gluten flours in baking. The texture comes out different from gluten-containing baked goods, but I have found to enjoy it quite a bit. Plus, who wouldn’t want to eat a muffin that is not loaded with carbs?

Banana Bread Muffins

Banana Bread Muffins

coconut brownie for one

Coconut Brownie for one!

Hope you enjoyed this little recipe recap and I’ve convinced you to try coconut flour for yourself if you haven’t already! If you’d like to connect with me and share some of YOUR favorite coconut flour recipes, you can follow me on Twitter @xokammie or Instagram or Like me on Facebook! :)



  1. Laura says

    What brand of coconut flour do you use?
    My favourite is TIANA Organic Fair Trade Coconut Baking flour!! I even add it to smoothies and sorbets. Try it.


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